Missiles or turrets?

came back from a year away from eve, bought a month plex and i’m just starting some level 2 missions, i used to love the hell outta missiles but turrets have been peaking my interests, should i stick with missiles or try out some turrets?

Jump into minmatar or caldari hulls and enjoy both


not skilled in minmatar ships but ill check em out

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You will train both, eventually. The instant damage application of turret weapons make them preferable in large fleet fights, but missiles are very popular weapon systems in mid/small-gang/solo fights. Hell, even the Amarr have missiles as a tertiary weapon specialization for their Khanid line of ships.

Make a list of the ships you’re interested in learning to fly, and see how many of them use one or the other weapon system. Should help you to make a decision for the short term.


I’m a big fan of turrets for the instant damage. I typically group mine in 3-4 groups so I can f1-f4 to activate them, and as soon as a target blows up the next gun goes inactive and I can start shooting something else. Unless I’m running artillery and then I don’t group as each shot does a ton of damage and the cycle time is long. Also I can use manual piloting to lower transversal and get good hits.

if I were using missiles the kill shot can be flying to the target and the next launcher is just going to cycle and waste time and ammo. Also if the target is small and/or fast My shots do less damage. Sure with missiles nothing will get in under the guns, but anything that small my drones will deal with.

That’s mostly on the pve side, I think there are a few good pvp uses of missiles. Long run I suggest training some of both


Turrets for sure. Instant damage, and the ability to hit small, fast moving targets via elimination of transversal velocity.
I’ve flown too many fast frigates and watched light missiles hit for close to zero damage to have any faith in them unless the gang has good tackle.


I love turrets, that being said, I find that sometimes the range of cruise missiles necessary because of the incoming DPS, however some ships can be great for kiting like the Moa, it’s sig and speed with an afterburner can really bring that DPS under control, just don’t get tackled by those pesky frigs, cruisers and battlecruisers are good for a slug out.

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“Missiles or turrets?”

The answer is Drones.
Plus some other sub-par weapon system.

–AI Gadget


i like lasers and projectiles best
i dont like hybrids much

For PvE there is no question missiles will help you run sites faster and easier. Missiles give you great range so much less flying around. Use FoF missiles and you don’t even have to target ships. People laugh at my rapid-heavy battleship fits in anoms, but it can mow down rats like grass.

Drones are fine, but sometimes they get murdered, and until you get sentries waiting for them to fly around can be a pain.
Blasters have amazing DPS, but you will have to fly to every target.
Projectiles are okay, but pretty skill-intensive to make work well at range.
Lasers are good too, but you need a boat that also can fly a full flight of light drones or frigates will be the sand in your underwear forever.
Rails can work too, but have similar problems with frigates

And before people start all the talk with webs and target painters and other work-arounds these are great in PvP, but too fiddly in PvE.

I do them all, but missile ships are my go-to.

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Definitely. Until you need to reload.

A T2 RHML raven fit for ratting with T1 missiles does 450 DPS. That’s less than many cruisers.

So yes, they laugh at your fits because you’re retarded to try and rat with them. RHML are for burst damage in PVP.

Turrets, Tachyon Beam Lasers, long range , dps. no need to reload which optimizes dps.

Keep the rats at about 80km and kite by matching their speed as best you can.

Using this method you will be able to have an optimal DPS fit, and tank will be secondary.

Some people prefer to get up close with pulse lasers, In my opinion the focus then has to be tank as priority.

If you go long range, have a look at sensor boosters, tracking enhancers/computers, all are script-able.

When I spent time in sov space i had a sniper fit laser boat, I used to sit at 140km and just kill everything coming toward me, I was lazy.

Plenty of ways to do it, try everything and have fun :slight_smile:

Six launchers is way too many for anoms. You would wind up shooting most of your missiles at targets that are already dead. Use three at a time. Then switch to the other three when those go into reload.

A volley of ~800 damage is pointless against most rats, unless you’re doing some pathetically easy anoms in HS (which means you’re wasting time not running something orders of magnitude more profitable). The isk you aren’t making by running “harder” anoms is a huge opportunity cost.

That said, OP did say he was running lvl 2 missions. So in the circumstances of the OP, I’d have to actually say RHMLs are a reasonable idea. I can’t honestly say I’d ever try it though, it makes more sense to me to just use nightmare for ratting. Fast, instant application, and since the only rats I ever shoot have an EM/Therm hole, it fits beautifully.

Yay I heard there are t2 missiles and faction one available as well as validating accelerator rig but anyway rhml is sux…

Don’t get me wrong, they’re beastly in PVP. Take 10 widows through a cyno, lock up and poop missiles on them like you just went to Taco Bell while everyone runs a jammer. When you need to exfil (response fleet for example) you just all spool up your MJDs at once, everyone hits the burst jammer just before the MJD, and then you cloak up or warp off.

Devastatingly effective. But that’s where burst DPS is king. With judicious use of heat your racks should be empty in about 35 seconds. Less if you push it. 10 of those working together, that’s half a million damage you just shat out.

Pathetically easy the point. These are more than enough to plex my accounts and leave lots left over for overly-blingy ships. When I feel like a challenge I go out out for PvP.

Nightmare is a terrible choice for L2. You’ll spend most of your life waiting for target lock.

Sounds like you need more meditation since your consciousness disturbed by other things while you have to focus on your targets… :yin_yang:️:om:️:shinto_shrine:️:pray:

My two favorite pve level 4 boats (just looking ahead here) were the nightmare which is only really useful in amarr space which is limiting but damn is it a fun ship and the Golem which pulls into pockets with 5 groups of enemies, aggros all of them, hits bastion and then just picks apart the baddies at a pretty good rate if you set up the ship correctly and have the skills. Biggest downside to the Golem is the training time is insane to get really skilled into the ship.

Notable is that the Golem is so good at its job that you may fall asleep for an hour at times but those NPCs will still be trying to burn down your tank when you wake up so no worries.


With turrets you’ll just blitz almost all missions from lvl 1 to lvl 4 with very good and cheap PVE ship sets like: Trasher, Rupture, Hurricane, Maelstrom and expensive Machariel. For lvl 5 missions you need to switch to missile vessels like Rattlesnake, Barghest. Missiles lets you to push projected DPS, supported by max missile skills and Target Painters, from farthest possible distance by avoiding huge overall NPC damage. While turret DPS depends so much by distance and Falloff variable, including tracking miss factor.

I suppose your skills aren’t high, if you are doing L2 missions. Moreover, turrets are better option with mediocore Gunnery skills. Turrets just let you to push better DPS and they have better versatility than missiles at low-, medium SP levels respectively.

The main difference between them is that turrets have better performance at low-, med SP levels, while Missiles have better performance at med-, high SP levels. At max lvl V both types are well balanced, based on many performance aspects.

Drones, lasers and hybrid turrets are good, but have other special purposes - mainly PVP. To use them in PVE requires a good mastery and overall control.

  • Drones. Requires a lot of Drone SP and special fitted ships to minimize rats agro on them. NPC AI agro algorithms was changed like 6 months ago. No ammo needed!
  • Hybrid Turrets. They are The Eskimo Kiss blasters or The Air Kiss railguns. With blasters on you’ll have to tank a ton of damage, while with railguns you’ll need a very good distance control by wasting time.
  • Lasers. Both Pulse and Beam lasers are good for PVE also, but they requires near max Engineering skills and special fitted cap stable vessels. They look good on expensive ships and especially on Dreadnoughts and Titans. No ammo needed! Only few lenses.