Newbro, looking for training path advice - FW focus

Long story short, I’m a newbro with around 4mil skillpoints. I’ve tried out FW and i really enjoy it - still looking for my first 1v1 win tho. I’m fighting for the caldari side, and thus with caldari ships, and its apparent i can make 2 choices with my skill training, turret vs missile, but i have no clue what i should go for first. Could anyone give me a short pros and cons? is one strictly better atm? considering i will maybe eventualy upgrade from t1 to a t2 frig or maybe a destroyer, are there any favourites in that respect? any advice is much appreciated.

here is what the professionals said on eve university.


Missile advantages and disadvantages

Missiles are the second major weapon type after turrets. They come with their own advantages and disadvantages over turrets.

  • They cannot miss their target, so long as your target is within range, so they will always hit. The amount of damage they do, however, varies with the target’s speed and size.

  • There are four different missiles in each category, one for each damage type - EM, explosive, kinetic, and thermal. This means you can select the damage type you want to use. Certain Caldari ships possess bonuses to kinetic damage, however, meaning with those ships you might have better results using kinetic than other damage types.

  • Like projectile turrets, missile launchers do not use capacitor, which means you can keep your cap spare for other things.

  • Because missile damage does not depend on things like angular velocity, and there is no optimal or falloff ranges, missile damage is consistent across all ranges. Missile do just as much damage at long range as short range.

  • The biggest disadvantage is probably that missile can take a long time to reach their targets, especially at long ranges. This means your damage is delayed, instead of instant in the case of turrets. This can be a pretty big disadvantage in some circumstances.

  • Because the damage is delayed, some fast ships - especially interceptors - can actually outrun missiles!

  • The way missile damage is calculated (more on this later) means that larger missiles like torpedoes and cruise missiles do really bad damage against smaller ships like frigates, even if that frigate is stationary.


Hybrid turrets fire charged projectiles at the enemy using magnetic fields – using energy, like lasers, but firing solid projectiles, like projectile guns, hence “hybrids”.

In practice this means that they use capacitor when they fire (like lasers, though they are less cap-hungry than lasers). Pilots who use hybrid turrets will want to have good capacitor skills and to train Controlled Bursts to support their guns’ requirements. Hybrid turrets also have to be regularly reloaded with fresh ammunition (like projectile guns).

Hybrid turrets can only do kinetic and thermal damage.

The two kinds of hybrid turret are:

  • Blasters , which have (very) short ranges and deal (very) high DPS; and
  • Railguns , which have (very) long-ranges and deal less DPS.

Many Gallente ships and some Caldari ships use hybrid turrets as their primary weapon. The Gallente ships tend to be more suited to blasters and the Caldari ships more suited to railguns, but this is not a hard-and-fast rule, as any pilot who flies a sniping Hecate or a blaster Rokh will tell you.

The low slot Magnetic Field Stabilizer module increases hybrid turrets’ damage and rate of fire.

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ty for the tips my man!

My $0.02 on Skill Training: Time spent on core Engineering and Navigation skills is ALWAYS time well spent. These will help every ship you get into.

Just because you’re fighting for Caldari State does NOT mean you are restricted to only Caldari ships. That said, the Hookbill is a lovely little boat. Dual Web, Scram Rocket Hookbills are very nasty opponents.

I would go for missiles. Of the Caldari frigates, 3 of the five use missiles. I am counting the Condor and the Griffin Navy because I am starting to see some nasty brawling Condors in Minmatar FW, even though Griffin Navies are still absolute trash at solo. Although the Merlin is a good ship, it is slow, and not a good deal against flying multiple other ships. Also, with relatively short train times, it is pretty easy to ship into a Breacher or Vigil Fleet Issue with only like 5 days training Minmatar Frigate as an alpha. But as Mephi said, navi and engineering skills are the moo.
gl hf

@Pohh Bagg I’m a CEO of a Factional Warfare corporation which has been operating for 3 years in Gallente Militia. When it comes to skill training the answer is simple: “Take a look at which tech 1 frigate you like the most, ask around and get some good fittings for that ship, and then train the skill you need to fly it”… That’s it.

Some people say Blasters, other say Missiles. Who cares? You fly what you want to fly. All of the frigates and destroyers have strengths and weaknesses. They are about 2 or 3 combat styles for each hull, and these inform those fittings. So first decide how you want to fight, and then what ships you like the most, which work well in that role.

Futhermore, don’t reach too far or too fast. The good ships for FW are actually the cheapest ones. Flying in a tech 1 frigate you’ll look engageable and more people will want to fight you. The optimal ship for FW is a tech 1 hull fitted with tech 2 and ‘meta-modules’. Don’t jump straight into a pirate frigate and get to thinking you’ll breeze through PvP… You wont. You need to crawl before you can walk.

So, having said that. You want to train skills as follows:

  1. Pre-requisites for the hulls and modules for your target ship, (or ships).
  2. Skills which improve the mastery level for those hulls (aiming for mastery II or III is good to have - above that is neither here nor there).
  3. Train your support skills. (That is, Engineering, Navigation, and Targetting). These don’t unlock those sexy ships and modules, but, they do make your ship fly better, lock onto things faster, and fight longer. They are important… Thermodynamics V. Need I say more?

Essentially, your FW combat pilot should be a generalist. You should be able to fly tackle, DPS, logi, EWAR… the whole lot. You want to be able to use any frigate, any destroyer, any cruiser. You want to be able to use any weapon system, or module in the small category. For Cruiser and Battlecruiser weapons (medium weapons) you want to have the ability to use at least the tech 1 versions.

You don’t want to be that guy in a fleet who says he can’t fly the free hand-out ship which they just got re-shipped into during a plexing operation. Your skill tree should be minimum II’s and III’s down the board - on everything.


So beyond finding the pro’s and con’s, if there is a specific ship you want to fly in the future (maybe because it looks cool) look at the requirements for that ship.

if it were me, I would train the basics for both from the frigate perspective. One of the biggest mistakes I made early on was not training missle skills to be able to fly a breacher but instead pumping most of those skills for autocannon / artillery cannon specialization as a new player.

Flying a missle ship from a new perspective Imo is alot easier to understand a bit of whats going on, where as flying arty or auto you have to worry about falloff and optimal ranges.

But train both, and fly from the frigate perspective to get a feel of what you personally like the best.

Good on you.

Here is a guide I wrote some years ago. I hope it serves you well.

Pvp tutorial

It discusses those things I considered to be the foundation of good pvp.

I hope it helps you.


I also wanna try FW.

Which faction is best to join? I want to have as much opponents to shot as possible.

Currently I’ve been searching solo fights with T1 frig in lowsec and 0.0, but can’t seem to find folks to fight. All I find are T3 ships or blobs,…

Try flying in the FW lowsec. Join a militia, preferrably one that is doing well in teir, and go to the sreas controlled by the enemy. Use D-Scan and mobility to move your frigate around the region in a way that allows you to earn LP for your militia and find 1v1s in which both competitors have a chance. You shouldn’t have to ever get out of an unfair situation that is not as a result of your own error or ambitions. Do beware, however, as people in FW can be quite tryhard with their T1 frigs. Some of the more extreme examples cost 150 million excluding boosters and ammo and can take down pirate frigates and even assault frigates with relative ease.

Tnx for tip. I can see lots of faction frigs or destroyers in FW.
It took me a couple of days to finally find a T1 opponent and it was fun :slight_smile:

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