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Started out Amarr because I liked their frigates and ended up really liking lasers (the Punisher is a lot of fun) but since I plan on running missions to make ISK and get a good handle on combat I’m going to transition over to drone boats starting with the Tristan then to Vexor.

So Question 1: are all ship/weapon types viable in running missions? If for example I end up going with a Maller can I still reasonably expect to clear T1-T2 missions solo without undue difficulty?

Also since I’m going to PvP at some point in this game (will probably go the tackler route just want to have a real strong base before I feed people free kills lol) I have been looking at alliances and tbh I am really confused.

Question 2: Are alliances associated in any way with the main factions?

Question 3: How do I tell which guilds are associated with which factions?

Question 4: I presume corp choice dictates which systems to set up in? If so I might need to make that initial choice here soon since I’m done with the starter agents.

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  1. A cruiser will have no problems with level 1-2 missions. Due to the majority of the ships in level 1-2 missions being frigates , I would recommend you a destroyer instead , the small guns on those don’t miss targets and they are fast to move around , you could also use a drone destroyer there like Algos/Dragoon or a missile one Corax/Talwar.
    Ofc there are cruisers that don’t care about gun tracking , like a Caracal with rapid light missiles or Vexor/Arbitrator . Usually for missions a good compromise is missile based ships . Drone based ships , those have the problem of drone aggro , the NPCs shoot your drones often.
    You mentioned weapon types … Missiles have great range, decent application and allow you to use all of the damage types, but it takes some time until they reach the target, their DPS(damage per second) and alpha (damage done by a salvo) are decent ; Drones also allow you to use all damage types , they apply damage well since you can use the right size of drones for specific NPCs , but they have the NPC aggro problem paired with the fact that they also have to travel , unless they are sentry drones, that are skill intensive , have poor DPS and poor tracking , you won’t use them for level 1-2 missions anyway ; Projectile weapons can also apply pretty much all types of damage , usually it’s a mixture of damage types , with one of them being prevalent . There are short range variants (autocannons) with decent DPS and high rate of fire/decent tracking and long range variant (artillery) with high alpha strike (punch) at the expense of a poor rate of fire and bad tracking . They are not a bad choice , specially if you want a Machariel or Vargur for those level 4 missions. Hybrid weapons, these ones are limited to kinetic and thermal damage only . The short range variants pump a ton of DPS and have a high rate of fire and good tracking, the long range ones have bad tracking and the DPS (damage per second) is not that great. Unlike missiles and projectile weapons these ones require capacitor to use them ; Lasers , with these you are limited to electromagnetic and thermal damage and require more capacitor than railguns to operate , to compensate this in general amarrian ships have a large capacitor pool and better capacitor regeneration , some hulls also give bonus to capacitor usage reduction for the lasers. The short range variants have good DPS , a nice rate of fire and decent tracking , the long range ones lose in DPS and tracking , but gain in alpha strike and the range ofc.
    There is a lot more that I could talk about here about weapon systems, so for convenience I kept things to a minimum to give you a basic idea.

For doing missions I am a fan of missiles , but you should feel free to experiment and pick what you like and think it suites you best.

  1. By the main faction you refer to the empire 4 factions ? No , the only alliance that I can think of would be CVA that’s into the amarrian role-play thing , if they are still in the game…

  2. Like I said player alliances have nothing to do with empire NPC factions , but there are some sites to help you see things better:

  3. Not sure what is exactly your question here… Each player corp has it’s own “home” , some live in highsec , lowsec, nullsec, wormhole space, maybe some in Pochven too, in particular systems/constellations/regions , but no “home” is a permanent one , specially for player controlled space, they might live there for a month or for years.

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I guess it will benefit me down the road someday having all weapon types trained lol, by that I mean that I’ve already put a bit into lasers and probes and associated stuff. But I’ll go with your recommendation and start training missiles since I’m not in a rush.

Gonna follow your recommendation on the destroyer as well. It’s funny but I was thinking that I could do Blood-Stained Stars in my Punisher with L1 equipment for example but as I read about it I’m seeing I need to be a little better set up before I start that. Which brings me back around to the fact I should be getting a full look at the destroyer class instead of skipping it. Not being in a hurry and all.

Appreciate your time in the answer too that helped a lot. :+1:


No problem .

Trying to kill Dagan in Blood Stained stars with a t1 frigate as a starter will not work , as you can’t pump 100+ DPS , but you can easily achieve that in a destroyer , and it’s much more affordable and faster (as in travel times, you will be doing a lot of travelling) than a cruiser for this task , after you have done the career missions.

Like I said, this is entirely up to you , I have described the basics of weapon systems for you , train whatever you like and think it’s best for you , they all have cons and pros.
In this game, there isn’t a weapon system that’s perfect for any PvE or PvP situation , all is relative.


Different enemy rats have different resist profiles, speeds, orbit distance etc. This means that some weapons are better for some missions than others. The same agent can give missions against different foes.

Same thing for PVP. Every enemy has their strengths and weaknesses. You use the right tool for the job. When you start you might focus on getting good at a weapon system and then pick targets accordingly. later on as you gain more skill training into different ships and weapons you have more options to take a wider variety of enemies.

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You will have many people telling you "use X ship’, thing is that X was different almost per person which means you can pretty much ignore it and just use what to you want.

I ran into this problem myself, I’m Amarr and want to only fly Amarr because I enjoy a bit of rp. Apparently that is “dumb” and I should just conform to the norm of being an obedient foot soldier, flying what I’m told to, doing what I’m told to.

I chose not to and after trying some stuff and finally running in to someone who ACTUALLY knows stuff and who explained options pros and cons I’m… still flying Amarr but a ship none of the “use X” crowd mentioned and it’s actually pretty ideal.

Do what you enjoy, join the type and size of corp that suits you and just realise that most players just seem to be grey worker ants following orders, and their knowledge reflects that. Read a lot, ask a lot of questions but draw your own conclusions.


I do that as well. I love Amarr ships as well, just not for the same reason. But it takes a lot of training to do it.

I gave up the Legion for the Zealot. But alas, with the last nerfs…

There’s an awful lot of questions buried in @Makronax_Solarius’s post. But since it’s all Amarrian focused that’s like catnip to me…

All the four Empires have good mission running ships. The main distinction is personal preference. They have different advantages and disadvantages.
For example, the Amarrian Apocalypse has a bonus to tracking (to hit small targets harder) and range (which equates to damage as you can use more powerful crystals) but is locked to EM/Thermal damage types.
A missile ship or drone ship may be able to change damage types, but they have time to impact or other issues that mitigate that advantage.
It really is preference. If some one says “X is best” what they really mean is “X matches what I want and how I fly”. @Oriki_Ahvilen has covered that well above.

I fly a Harbinger for Level 3 missions and an Apocalypse for Level 4. The Maller or Omen is fine for Level 2 - though I prefer the Omen.
Amarr does have drone boats, many almost on par with their Gallentean equivalents, but with bonuses to support systems. The Vexor and the Arbitrator both have a 10% per level bonus to drone hit points, but the Arbitrator has an e-war bonus as well rather than a second weapon bonus.
The Arbitrator is a reasonable mission ship and a cracking fleet support ship, tracking disruption, DPS or ECM drones. Good days.

Question 2.
The Capsuleer alliances and corporations are independent of the NPC empires/factions. However there are groupings that for RP (role playing)purposes align themselves with the Empires. I know the Amarrian loyalists best: SFRIM/LUMEN (“The Society”), CVA - The Paladin Wardens, and PIE (“The Praetoria”), but others exist aligned to the other factions.
There is RP interaction between CCP and these groups. And that includes ongoing storylines and events. Yeah, being a Chapter in the Empire has consequences. And a nice title.

Which means Question 3 is: by talking to people.
I’m happy to make introductions.

Most groups will have an area they call home, for some that’s in high security space, for some that’s particular bits of null security space they have managed to carve out for themselves. But many alliances often cover all security aspects. Perversely it’s sometimes the bigger high sec groups that cover a wider range of security space since they will roam or visit into low and null, where as some of the null blocks rarely visit high sec except with out of alliance trading alts.

You do get big conflicts and battles in high-sec. They don’t get the publicity of the Trillion ISK fights in null - the very expensive capital fleets can’t get involved, so combat is in sub-caps: battleships and smaller, but action is there. I fought at Thebeka a large RP driven conflict that was a lot of skirmishing ending in the forcible removal of the opponent. High-sec war mechanics make for a different type of conflict as forces manoeuvre and alliances have to formally declare war.

Take your time, you don’t have to settle in the first place with the first group you find. You want somewhere that meets your wants and needs in New Eden and finding that can take time. “You have to join a Corp” is the same as “you must fly ship X”. An opinion, not a rule.

Oh, and most importantly:
Welcome to Eve.
Welcome to life in New Eden.
Jump on in: the water’s lovely.

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Yeah thanks for covering that. I ended up settling in Jita and after messing with the corp finder in-game I realized that I had to get better at the basics of flight and whatnot before I go trying to join a corp. Seems like a lot of pvp in this game is knowing what fight to pick/avoid and knowing the other ships well enough to make good decisions. So I have a ways to go since I’m still on basics.

Running a Thrasher for the harder pve missions and working through the frigates and doing L1 content to try to get some muscle memory with the combat. Combat is a ton of fun when it’s small group, I can get my camera up a bit and feels like a flight sim almost just gotta get better at it. Larger groups (more than 3 enemies which seems to be often) I tend to pull the camera out which removes some of that feel.

Appreciate yourself and the others who have taken the time to help out the newbro though. Cheers my man. :beers:

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