I am a newplayer and can somebody tell me what ships, skills, modules, ect I should use?

Current set up below.

I am using 2 150mm and 3 dual light pulse. I am doing the first epic ark.

Note i am enforcer and have done the carrer agent questline. I still have all of the frigates form that line and i have 2.2m in my wallet.

First, it’s generally not a good idea to use energy weapons on non-amarrian ships because 1) you won’t get a bonus to damage and or range, and 2), energy weapons are extremely cap hungry and amarrian ships have larger capacitors, and/or bonus to mitigate that.

Drop the beams/pulses and put on hybrids.

Add drone amplifies in the high to extend the range of your drones (the algos is a drone boat so capitilize on the natural bonus to drones it gives you)

Drop the dual armor reps, use one and armor resistances in the low. If you can swing it add a damage control unit.

It doesn’t make much sense to have the muti-spectrum shield hardener on an armor ship (Gallente ships are more suited to armor tanking).

Check out EvE university. They have a number of fits for each ship based on what you want to do.


Fitting ship guide

Gallente basic ship and skill overview

Ok thanks (By the way i started yesterday). (I would have started the day before but i got softed locked in tutorial so i had to make a new character).

Glad you are here.

Couple of things to point out. High sec space is not safe from pvp. Ganking is a thing. So when you undock, you are consenting to pvp, if you like it or not.

Ship loss is expected. Best to understand early on that ships are tools, and tools break. They are not trophies. So don’t fly anything you can’t afford to loose. And when you loose one, best to shrug it off, learn from it and move on. Getting angry won’t fix anything.

In low sec, give a “good fight” even when you loose. It’s courtesy and a way to say, “no hard feelings, it’s all good. We’re cool.”

I can muck about with a fit later and eve-mail it to you. But understand that fits change based on PVE, NPC content so it may not be exactly what you are looking for.

Hey Uhm you said I should use hybrid weapons but is using blasters worth it because their range is terrible. Or should I just focus on railguns. Also can you tell me specifically which drone upgrade i should get.

Also should I stick with trying to get drones V or try to get something else for skills. (I currently have drones III)

Because you are using drones, go rails. That will allow you to kite the enemy.

Blasters do have terrible range, but they have massive damage. The most in the game.

EvE is a giant game of rock-paper-scissors. You fit for your application.

Ok thanks for the help one last thing can you tell me which drone upgrade specifically I should get because I am kind of stuck at which one I should get. I am assuming you want me to get drone link I but i not sure.

Here’s an article focused on drones, what kind to use and skills needed, and drone modules


The drone link augmentor will help extend the range of your drones

The drone damage amplifier will help with applying an added bonus to your drone damage output.

Training drone centric skills will also help with increasing their range, damage and hit points.

Each empire drone does a different damage, so if you are doing PVE, you’ll wanna pick drones that do that kind of damage against the NPCs…

Blaster range is terrible, but their damage is high. Fly up to an enemy, orbit at 500 and blast them.

Last time I used an Algos I think it was fit like this:
Highs: all small blasters
Mids: 1mn afterburner, multispectrum shield hardener, medium shield extender
Lows: drone damage x3
Rigs: don’t remember, more blaster dps maybe?

To use: turn on the afterburner, pick the biggest ship, orbit it at close range and kill it with blasters and drones.

Yes, Gallente generally fly armour tanked ships rather than shield, but this way you deal more damage.

OP, If you use this tactic, do not substitute the afterburner with a microwarp drive.

The microwarp drive blooms your signature radius making it easier for larger turrets to hit and apply damage. Stick with the afterburner.

Remember, that larger guns have trouble tracking and hitting smaller targets unless the small targets signature is being “enlargend” through the use of receiving a target painter, signal amplifier or the small target is using a microwarp drive.


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