Returning - progression

sure you all get this a lot. Been about 7 years since i played.

Built a drone boater back in the day

flying a domi and just trying to get some ideas on where i should go from here. I’d like to pve a bit for cash but really just want to fly around and blow people up this time. Anything good i can use to cause some havoc that is cheap to build and replace? Any major skill paths to work towards?


With those skills you might want to look into the smaller siblings of the Dominx:
Tristan, Algos, and Vexor can be capable but also relatively cheap ship to learn the ropes of PvP in lowsec with.
But alone you will have a hard time learning things.
You can of course watch youtube videos or just go out and try it, record a fight, rewatch it and then see your mistakes.
PvP is all about making decisions fast and being prepared for the situation you find yourself in.
It can help a lot if you have someone on your side who can tell you how to go about things.
Or just join public fleets for that.
Look up “Spectre Fleet” for public NPSI (Not purple, shoot it) or “Bombers Bar” for the same concept - but with usually cloaky ships. With your skills yo should be pretty close to fly a Nemesis class Bomber.

Good luck.


thank you for the reply. Due to where my domi was wrapped up in assets , i think it’s good i leave it in the forgotten area, and learn to fly again in something smaller.

I heartily recommend doing the combat and advanced combat career agents to re-acquaint yourself with the game - they are relatively quick, give you a couple frigates to fiddle around with, and will throw you into some pretty harmless PvE scenarios where you can fiddle with various mechanics while getting your feet back under you. At the end of it you’ll have a couple frigates, a destroyer, and I think an industrial? Just enough stuff to let you go pewpew a bit.

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