What to train for?

I am starting up with pvp after 3 months of mining.
so i was wondering about what should i train for and how do i proceed with pvp?

I would strongly recommend seeing what courses EVE University has on this topic and taking those.

I would alsi suggest trying a group like Spectre Fleet for one of their many Not Purple, Shoot it roams to get your feet wet. Then look for a group that does PvP and you can join to learn more.

As for skills, that depends on what you cap fly now and what you want to fly in the future. I mean you can PvP in almost anything, so picking is part of the challenge and based on personal choice.

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You’ll probably want to stick with less expensive t1 frigates, destroyers, and cruisers (tech II fit where you can, but not completely necessary) until you have your core skills up over maybe level 3-4.
You can do a lot with the cheap stuff, and it’s not bank breaking to lose a lot of them in a short period. Navy frigates are around the cost of a tech II fit cruiser, and have a lot to offer as a follow up to the tech I line-up. Consider Assault Frigates as a follow up as well, because they are very good for their price in solo and gangs and are relatively forgiving with mistakes.

The name of the game in pvp is experience. There are some pretty well known hotspots for pvp that you’ll want to base around like Amamake, the contested systems in faction warfare, BNI’s set of systems in Catch, etc. for frequent fights.

You don’t need a lot of sp to get really good at pvp, but you do need to fight a lot of fights and lose a lot of ships.

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I would suggest finding a faction and sticking to it.
Early on in pvp faction frigates will be your bread and butter if you are doing pvp in faction warefare space which I strongly suggest you do.
Nost ships youll see there is tech 1 and faction frigates (including pirate)
And tech 1 destroyers. So not to high end .
Get your frigate and small weapons/tank up and you are golden.

Most important thing is to learn match ups. If you die and dont know why ask the person who killed you, they will normally give advice.
Examples are you are using a kretle missile frigate while facing a close range turrent merlin, you want a tech 2 scram and keep them at 8km webbed as your rockets will apply full damage as their generally higher dps turrents will apply very poorly.

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You have many options. The ‘easy button’ is to join a PvP centric alliance and avail yourself of their experience and support. Any alliance worth joining will offer an SRP, making PvP completely free. There you will find many a nerd all too willing to obsess over every number and possible scenario when it comes to PvP.

I usually suggest Interdictors as a solid goal to aim for early on. Easy to train into, cheap to lose, and used on virtually every fleet that undocks in null sec. Other than Blops drops, you will always have a place in a fleet.

Dictors are also a very active, hands-on ship to fly. No F1 monkeys here. You will often act as a forward scout, expected to be able to report intel and survive that 50 man Ferox fleet you just jumped into. Manual piloting is key and once the action gets hot, the FC will expect you to act independently as he has other things to deal with. You might be cloaked on a gate reporting to the FC, ready to drop a bubble and GTFO to slow down a counter-attack, or you might be in the thick of things, shooting down fast tackle and dying gloriously for the cause.

Most large sov aliances have newb-specific corps and whole fleet doctrines based on newer folks. Again, with an SRP or free ships handed out. I know in GSF we run a constant rotation of training classes and fleets as well. We also have special interest groups that focus on niche game mechanics like Blops or Capital fleets- so progression in any given direction is at your fingertips.

I’d like to add a little more… If I were to start a new character today, my plan would be…

Start as Gallante.
Train core skills as needed.
Train drone skills to the point I could fly a flight of 5 light T2 drones. Add in the skills that support drones as well. Drones are the most universal weapon with every almost every hull cruise and above being able to use some.
Train up gal frigate to 5, destroyer to 4.
Work on hybrids next, with gun support skills added in.

Once I am happy with my ability to fly a Tristan, incursus, and the dessies well enough, I would move to medium turrets, t2 medium drones and Gal cruiser to 4 to access the Vexor.

At this point, you could run level 3 missions most likely, handle small gang warfare, and be in a decent position to move forward.

Then you have to decide if you wish to advance up to BCs and BSes or spread factions. Moving up is easy, train bigger guns and ships. Spreading faction… Autocannons first as they are capless, easy to fit, and the most forgiving weapons in the game. Then Amarr hulls (AC punishes rock), Minmitar hulls, shield skills, missile skills lastly Caldari hulls.

Now mind you, this isn’t a must do or the like. It’s just what I would do if I woke up to a new account tomorrow and wanted to work towards PvP.

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