Player Seeking Help With Ship Training Goals

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I’ve been playing the game for years, primarily in high-sec, and my skill training has, for the most part, been pretty aimless. Now I’m in a null-sec corp, under a War-Dec, so ship wise, what we can build is what we fly. Beyond that, I have no real goals, or aspirations, and end up trying to train too many ships at once, and it slows it all down. So, dear internet, and fellow Capsuleers, I ask for you help.

In virtually every other MMO, my favorite class is the healer, the tank, or rogue. I’ve always leaned more toward support roles, and I don’t particularly care about kill-mails. My best weapon skills right now are missiles, and drones, and I can fly up to Cruisers in Minmatar, Gallente, and Caldari, with only Destroyers in Amarr.

Utility is important to me; being useful in more than one situation. For that reason, I’ve considered the T3 Tactical Destroyers, but am unaware of how much or little their different modes actually affect the ebb of battle.

I fully realize that the fitting for a PvP ship will be different than a PvE ship. I’m looking for types that aren’t hyper-speciliazed, while still providing good utility as often as possible. I appreciate any and all help you all can provide, and as always, fly safe! o7

I’m not sure what you’re asking here, though I believe it’s more because you don’t know what you should be asking, given how new you are at this.

  • Are you looking for a solo, small gang, blob, or fleet type of fight?
  • What weapon systems can you use / prefer?

If you can answer these, people will be able to figure out what it is that you’re looking for.

Also, just note that there’s really no such thing as a “tank” (in the traditional sense of an MMO in EVE Online). You can’t block incoming damage (since the aggressor can just choose not to shoot you) and you can’t soak up damage in another’s place. Your ship itself can be tanky, as in, have a lot of resistances and health points that make it difficult for enemies to kill you, but that’s about as far as “tank” goes in EVE.

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as scoots i don’t easily understand what question you are asking
ask to your alliance which kind of ships they lack
ask them the fit
see what skills are lacking to you to fly it
add skills to skill queue

I am a logi, and, afaik, logis are always welcome and useful. Furthermore, one logi type can be used in many different doctrine types. So if i were you, i would go for t2 logi cruisers. Shield or armor first, it will depend on what your alliance uses the most

T3d are not really used as utility ships. Maybe you were talking about command dessies, for boosts and mjd ?

It seems obvious to me that, instead of asking here, you should ask to your alliance FCs and/or corp CEOs what is needed the most

A healer?

BTW: Logisitics is more than healing. You also need some fleet understandings and to know the usual commands and terms, for you interact with a bunch of other players and healers. So fleeting as often as possible just for training is a good idea.

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