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I’ve recently started the game, with a little help from a friend from work I’ve gotten along quite well so far. Anyhow as our paths in Eve currently diverge I am asking around for advice in various places. I have level 3 missions available to me for Sisters Of Eve. Currently I am flying a gifted to me Osprey Navy with an active tank and Heavy Missiles as my mission runner. As I was flying it I started removing more and more tank and adding more damage to speed up the process. All in all I love the ship and even the hardest of level 2 missions are trivial now. I digress.

I am not the richest of players being fairly new and have looked into a level 3 mission “appropriate” ship and have come to the conclusion that it’s not economically viable. In theory I could sell my current Osprey, and mostly fund a Drake or Ferox and a fit. I can’t see a purpose built level 3 ship ever making it’s money back though. I am only trained Caldari, and I am Omega for those wondering. I don’t even have a quarter the isk to buy a Gila and honestly i am not all that interested in the ship either. I am loathe to sell the Osprey as I would like to have it ready to go for further mission use for other corporations down the road. It being a gift I also feel I should keep it permanently or pass it along down the road to another new player when my circumstances are better.

I suppose after this ramble I am just looking for some guidance or some idea a new player like me doesn’t comprehend that is an easy answer as to where I go from here.

Hope this sheds some clarity on where I am at. My friend gave me some skill points to get me going which has helped tremendously. I tried to follow the Eve Uni magic 14 as best I can.

Thanks in advance for any advice and guidance!


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Since you have a bunch of SP and seem like the sort who does a bit of research before jumping, you could probably read the eve uni mission reports and do most level 3 missions in the Osprey. Maybe stick the tanking modules back on until you get the hang of it, take it easy, and prioritize staying alive. With care and practice, you could honestly be flying level 4 missions in a battle cruiser with the skills you have.

Level 3s are considerably more profitable than level 2s, although most of that will be from bounty payments rather than agent rewards.


ok first : since you are doing SOE you NEED to take LP into account.

you must go here to check the value of SOE LP. here the highest offer are 1369 isk/lp . That means that if you have 10k LP, those can be estimated 13M isk.

then you need to follow the “usual” path : go in a BC for your L3s. learn to do the missions. Then learn to rush the missions. The value is mostly (not always) in doing the mission fast, though when you start you need to be carefull.

I think a drake should be totally fine.

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Thanks for the reply. I will look into maybe re using the osprey. Need to do some research on possible builds etc. I appreciate the boost in confidence!


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Thanks for the reply, I have read many of your posts and threads this past week! I assume I am missing something. I haven’t done any LP calculations, so thanks for pointing that out. Just to clarify my interpretation of your reply. I assume I will have to just absorb the cost of a BC to effectively do level 3’s? By my rough back of the envelope calculations I would have standing to do level 4’s well before my estimated 80m investment in a BC would ever repay itself. At which case now I am back to being financially “unstable” as it were with the looming cost of a battleship and fit on the horizon.

Just so we’re clear I don’t expect this to be easy. I fully admit to very limited knowledge of this and am only piecing together what I can find and read. That all said if using a BC and such is simply the cost of doing business, I can accept that. I just didn’t want to make any move without more data available.

Thanks for your time!


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hmm I don’t get it. How can you get so low value ?

Remember : just because you have the standing for L4 does not mean you have the skills for L4.

Don’t fly you can’t afford to lose : that means save for the drake, until you can buy a drake and not be broke. I think a correct fit should be around 100M, not 80 ? not sure.

you should be able to do ±20M/h in a L3. If you rush and don’t try to loot every single wreck, you can go to 30-40M I think. If you blitz it eg with a mach/barghest, you can do more.

I came up with the 80m estimate due to re using modules off my Osprey, and some parts I have gotten out of wrecks that are “meta” modules for the parts I can’t use t2 versions of yet. Namely I have 4 Arbalest launchers already. 3 on the osprey and one from mission loot. Various shield hardeners I already own and use. Drones etc.

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What…no love for the Gnosis? It’s cheap, it can be refitted with multiple T1 fits to do many different things, and it breezes through level 3 missions with ease even with a cheap, noobie hybrid gun, experimentation tank set…what’s not to love for a new player?

I do L4’s and Epics in a Rattlesnake now, but I still have my Gnosis for certain things, so it won’t be a waste to make it and upgrade it over time, and keep it in the garage for when it’s needed.

Plus, it’s real purdy. :wink:

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I’ll look for the ship. I am Weapon agnostic really. My skills in guns and missiles are equally bad as it stands. And while I have focused more on shield tanking, I do have rudimentary armor skills I think. Honestly I simply prefer the Caldari design aesthetic. Thanks for the reply!


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There has been some great advice posted in here. Some of the highlights are using the Gnosis, gaining skills in the level 3 missions, and making sure to use your LP.

The Gnosis is a ship that requires no skills, can be fitted with any weapon type, any tank type, and is relatively cheap. Its a great ship for people with low skills and allows them to punch above their weight.

As one of the other posters mentioned just because you have standings to do level 4 missions it doesn’t mean you will have the character or player skills to do them. Everything in this game is a path to something larger. You will need those core skills you trained in your cruiser and BC to effectively pilot your battleship in those lvl4 missions. Your drone skills, your tank skills, and your ewar/electronics skills will all be useful when you finally sit in a battleship. You don’t have to sell your old ship just because you have a new one. Many people have hangers full of ships for special purposes or even nostalgia reasons. I still have my first Assault Frigate out in nulsec in a station I will likely never be able to get to again, just because it was my first one and I flew it out there myself.

Using your LP. This is the biggest payout for doing missions. The loot and bounties can be fairly decent for a starting player but the big money is in the LP items. Implants are always a good thing to purchase, as are faction specific items like the SOE Core Probes and Launcher.

I have been playing since 2006 and there are still things I have yet to do in this game. You don’t need to rush anywhere to accomplish anything OP.


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