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Hey so new to Eve been playing about a month now and i must say one of the games with the steepest learning curves started with mining lost a few ships … got help from some random player that gifted me a procurer which helped alot … worked up to a retriever … so my next goal is an orca … but the reason i’m here is i want to do something else while waiting for the belts to respawn so i have decided on trig invasions and wh combat site … now what i want to know i have 2 ships in mind (still do now know alot about the game but they look cool :D) gila and the drake navy issue will i be able to survive in them ?

thx alot

You should be able to survive in any ship in high sec if you pay attention. Join some real corp, they will teach you how not to die, but most important - how to get fun if you do die :slight_smile: I know it is frustrating to die even not being able to scratch opponent, but learn how to PvP and even loss will not be so painfull cause you will have a good fight.
Keep Gila and Drake T2 fitted (no bling stuff), do not fly AFK and you will be OK.
BTW, I hope you know about moon mining in 0.5 systems. No need to wait for the belts to respawn…

oh wow didnt know about moon mining thx for the great info will look into it ty

Just get out from caldari space, try to use Gnosis to do PVE in low skilled character and learn how to use Dotlan map to find your own sweet spot in New Eden.

ty for the info but leaving “safe” space dont feel comfy for me at this point need more info on whats going on out there :smiley:

Theory crafting fits is fun to do while you are waiting, you will learn a lot about how to craft a fit ( fitting simulator ) for your ships, and you might find skills in those fittings that you can train up to improve your piloting. Better understanding on ship fitting and understanding how your modules work correctly will help you a lot. :slight_smile:

These are good suggestions- but just to add, try flying a T1 frigate in “dangerous” space. They are awesome because they’re fast and cheap. You’ll learn a lot about how you can get popped, and how you can stay alive out there.


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