Missiles, Drones Turrets or Laser's

Hi all back to EVE after sometime away, I will eventually get into a little PVP but to begin with I will be concentrating on combat sites.

What’s peoples thoughts on the best weapon system out there at the moment?? used drones in the past will missiles but never touched the other’s really. I don’t want to cross train too much would rather concentrate on one for PVE and PVP.

I know its all opinions so hit me with what you got


Missiles and Drones are still fine for PVE. What weapons you should train for PVP depends on who you want to fly with. WH, lowsec smallgang, null-Fleet, FW, alliance doctrines etc.

EDIT: Aside from the rare PVP ravens and the goon structure bash typhoon doctrine I am quite sure large missiles are not much used in PVP. So T2 torps and cruise missiles would not be my first train when I would like to do PVE AND PVP on the long run. Same with heavy drones and sentries. I never regretted training T2 turrets on the other hand.

cheer’s bud, definitely something to think about. was probably going to go down the turret route just need pushing.

Stealth bombers shoot torps. Cruise missiles are basically useless for pvp, though. Rapid heavies work better in pve than cruise missiles if I’m not mistaken.

Don’t neglect training motion prediction to at least 4 and adding a tracking hardwiring to your head. Learn to pilot to reduce the radial velocity of your targets.

cool thank you. so what’s your preference?

Really depends on the application; I’ve been in the cluster for over 11 years now and can use everything.
For PVE I use whatever has the best profile vs the rats I’m shooting. Most of the time I use tachyons, loaded with multifrequency they still out range most rat battleships (only gurristas can regularly hit beyond 45km or so), and out damage megapulse loaded with scorch at equivalent ranges.
Weapon systems capable of longer range let you apply damage to more rats without repositioning; for this reason I like rails better than blasters. In regards to projectile weapons ACs work well in L4s because of their long falloff, but you do shoot a lot of ammo, and you only see max dps within 3.5km or so. The cycle time on artillery is atrocious (though this also means you use way less ammo), the tracking is horrible, but the alpha is amazing.

I want to make a small side note here in regards to medium sized turrets (i.e. cruiser and battlecruiser turrets). Projectiles are borderline garbage tier for mediums; they are only good on the sleipnir due to the double damage bonus, and loki due to the high damage bonus, as well as application and projection bonuses on the turret offensive sub. Medium energy turrets are a bit strange; beams all do more dps than pulse does (even the quad lights, though they have terrible application and projection), you just have to make the reduced tracking work for you.

Uh, right. I forgot the bombers.

Everybody forgets about bombers, right up to the point where they have decloaked and started to scramble you…

projectiles are good in pve for their damage selection and projection options
lasers are limited for damage in pve but have great projection options
light missiles are great
mediums not so much
cruise is great
hybrids are my least favourite weapon system
you can either have damage or projection but not both
with hybrids even with gallente ships youre really pigeon holed by range dictation in pvp
like lasers can track short range and switch to scorch to project to point range
projectiles can hit point range in falloff
but not blasters
you just gotta jump back through the gate if someone wants to kite you

For large fleets you really cant beat Turrets. Instant application, cant be bombed or shot like drones or Missiles.
For small gangs anything really goes other than maybe Cruiser and Torps but even they are workable as long as you can get hard tackle and have TPs. It just really depends on the way to fly, if you can get into scram range Blasters are great (works well in combo with the MJD and you can GTFO if kited). Drones work at most ranges and are very flexibe but can be killed and have a lot of travel time.

Cruise missiles are trash. Worse application than heavies, and heavies are horribad.

yeah but youre gonna be using them on a rattlesnake so application isnt really an issue

not on a raven NI. what he loses in raw DPS, he gains in application.
and golem, of curse.

correction : full skill cruise raven has still half the application of heavy raven.

Torps are way worse, Explosion radius is almost 50% larger while Velocity is like 3% more which hardly makes up for the Radius (also Radius is a more powerful stat ). You do get a lot more raw DPS but then you also trade that for 7X less range and application to a cruiser is about the same.


This is just 1 Torp vs 1 Cruise with Faction ammo . Speed is pretty low but that is pretty normal for NPC or a Cruiser with a scram on it. Base line is the Crusie ~22 DPS and the peak is Crusie+Torp so Torp is pretty much ~22 as well despite being Raw 69 vs 95 DPS. Increasing speed any more favors Cruise and raising sig favors Torps but only after about 400 do torps start to win.

For PVE at least I think guns are pretty great but on some missions like let’s say Guristas\Sansha\Serpentis there are certain EWAR which are annoying. also elits frigs loves to chew on drones.

hence why I use missiles.

right now I dabble with heavy missile tengu - 5 on most skills and 4 on missile support skills using T2 rage I got around 700 DPS at 71 KM. it just murders everything while staying at 100% shields all the time.

missile travel time is annoying though.

most fun ship I’ve had in PVE is fleet geddon with lasers and 5 sentries.

I love the Navy Geddon. That being said, it isn’t that great for pve, mostly due to the weak capacitor and poor cpu.
With t2 megapulse and bouncer IIs it is a beast for station or gate camping, though.

The nightmare does pve so much better if you want a lazer boat.

for me the advantage of the geddon was I could pick damage type using the correct sentry drones thus mitigating the em\therm only damage of lazers. also it was before the changes to the rattlesnake so if you’d tell me to pick one today it will be a rattler.

otoh using tengu now it’s far too easy, I need less attention then in mining…

nothing breaks my tank and missiles on tengu do so much damage and shoot/fly so fast it is kinda ridiculous. but it’s boring ship to fly I much prefer battleships for L4s there is much more into them.