Best Gallente Frigate?

Newby here, been mining sofar and wanted to jump in the PVE security missions. I have unlocked all Frigates for the Gallente tree, also the Omega ships (Navy & tech II). I’d like to know 2 things:

  • What is the best Gallente frigate to start PVE-ing with?
  • What level assignment can I handle with it?
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Comet can do lvl 2s if you splash a bit of isk on it. You could also take an extra step and train for a worm and have arguably the strongest pve frigate in the game.


a worm? I don’t see that in the Gallente Tree as a frigate?

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Best rather depends on type of ship you enjoy flying. Probably for missions an Incursus will serve you well. Bonuses to hybrid turrets and armour repair are both useful for mission running.

Most of the combat orientated T1 frigates can easily manage the Level 1 security missions and are cheap - the Faction Frigates are a big investment for a new player.

Don’t forget to train the basic fitting and gunnery skills as well.


worm =pirate frig
requires both gallente and caldari skills


An Algos (if you have the drone skills), would be excellent.

  • Alpha fit.
  1. 10 drones

  2. Drone range augmentation (for range).

  3. Civilian afterburner (keep any incoming dps lower).

  4. Cargo rigs x 3

  5. MTU for ease of pulling in stuff.

Every thing else is up to you but x 2 power recharge, Webber, in the midst, and small armor repair, x 2 drone damage, and 3 salvagers, 1 tractor for high, not entirely sure if an alpha can do it with low energy and CPU, but if you can you got yourself a drone/salvager to run anomalies and do lvl 1 & most lvl 2 missions at the same time making at least 2 or 3 million in 15 minutes (depending on type of combat missions difficulty).

If it must be a frigate then choose a drone boat, rails are pretty weak and blasters will get you too close for incoming dps in a frigate, drones you can range fit and speed tank.


That one is by far the best vessel for alot of missions. Its cheap its a good isk grinder. And its fun.

If you want you can go crazy and use a sig tanked (go fast and pew pew) Atron they are alot of fun and later you can put that knowledge to good use in pvp flying a derpatron Fleet.

You can go with a brawling fit incursus and just take the pirates damage and laugh

Also a really fun thing but not so good isk wise is a buffer hull tanked Tristan, tank the manly way and go hull tanked.

Robert Cras please add my Jita trader to buddy list and I can help you out ingame If you want, Charles Bankes.

And no I dont know how to link names on my Phone.


If you want to fly a Gallente frigate, you have some choice:

  • Atron: good choice for a travel ship / tackle enemies in fleet
  • Navitas: good choice if you want to repair your friends in fleet (logi is fun!)
  • Tristan: good choice for killing stuff with drones
  • Maulus: good choice to annoy enemies so they cannot shoot at your fleet
  • Incursus: good choice for killing stuff with guns
  • Imicus: good choice for exploration / salvaging

As you may see, each of the gallente frigates (and frigates of other races as well) is good at something. But it seems you’re not looking for PvP fleet combat or exploration, so for solo killing stuff I recommend either the Tristan or Incursus.

I have no experience with missions, let alone PvE security missions. But I’d pick the Tristan (as I like drones), or Incursus if you like shooting stuff with your guns.

Since you have T2 ships unlocked, you could pay a little more and grab the drone assault frigate Ishkur as an upgrade of the Tristan. Or fly an Enyo as upgrade of the Incursus.


Is not a frigate.


Both Tristan and Incursus can do lvl 2 missions but,

  • you will need good skills in armor and hybrid turrets or drones
  • you will struggle to do some of the harder missions like The Blockade

Algos is definitely better ship for lvl 2 missions I highly recommend that. It is also much cheaper than faction frigate that were recommended to you.

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Thanks everybody for the information! Since I have done no Destroyers yet, and with tier II ships unlocked and use a lot of drones to defend my mine vessels, a logical step would be the ISHKUR.


A tech2 was on the table! Yes the ishkur has to be the best for you then.


I’ve used them in lvl 4 missions, while not “optimal” for finishing the mission WAY quicker it definitely got the job done with a blaster fit using void ammo and t-2 hobs, and absolutely use an assault damage control, you will need it when you close the distance coming straight into the NPC’s.

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whut ? why ? Just don’t come in a straight line.

Anyhow if you fck up somewhere you won’t have the time to activate it. ding kill report available.

And by ■■■■ up, I mean getting webbed + painted to death.


Yeah I’d go regular DCU for almost all forms of PVE


Never had an issue, sure you can use a DCU but ADC works wonders when closing in, as always take care of the tackler first, everything else just melts pretty easily and have a hard time hitting, as always tho do whatever works for you.


pffff, I am a newby here and I have no CLUE what you guys are talking about. But I’ll buy the ISHKUR and now all I needs is to find a good fit…

Gnosis. Fit what ever, fly anyhow. No skills required.


And that’s exactly why I feel SoCT ships need to be removed.

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Ishkur is a great choice.