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So we all have one thing in common on this forum is we fly the ship out of our space vessels when not in clone bay doing market orders.
PvP, PvE, what ship do you think is best for the job you like doing most?
Bonus question: if I only want space combat, does it make sense to buy anything else but techIII ships?
Thank you.
Please discuss.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Ishkur - EVE Online Reference Interesting, thank you.

my favorite ships are the coercer
the succubus and the phantasm

i dont like the amarr lazor frigates so i think the coercer is nice to do fw … if you going to have 2 mid slots better to have a LOT of pew

the sansha ships are like amarr but better, thats why i like the succubus and the phantasm
the afterburner bonus and the tracking are my style , and they have a lot of range control and that is super important to pvp


Polaris Frigate.


poser :angry:


Not my fault you don’t have one!


gibe me one plox :pleading_face:

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Here is the registration form!


ty i guess
the form is nice

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i tried, ya’ll couldn’t handle the epicness of me being apart of your team…

meh, i got enough volunteering to do helping foster kids.

And give up on making the ISD’s life miserable? Not a chance! Besides I would have to shut up… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Anyway, My fav “was” the Zealot, but with the resistance nerf, it’s no longer the king of the hill for me. Still searching for a new one…

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Rattlesnake. Missions & Wormholes.

Honorable mention to old school passive regen drake, capable of soloing l4’s and C3 wormholes.

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Polaris Legatus. Never heard of it. Now that I have, I feel nothing but pity. And it certainly backs up a lot of sentments I have expressed on the forum. Trying to graft that in as legit by giving it 99.9 resists rather than just 100. SMH Best I can say is I have never seen it. I hope I never do.

My favorite is the Orca, not for any clear specific role, but for handling so many varied logicistical problems that would be a nightmare without it.

You do realize they don’t actually use these ships when roaming don’t you?

When CCP has any fleet or any other activity where they are joining other players, they don’t use these ships… Thats why you can actually see corpses for CCP members for sale.

Yeah, I do. But if this were my pony show it would be a boring ass cube that nobody would gush over used for whatever purposes it was intended and in fact, usually invisible. It would have a boring ass name that nobody would gush over, like “observation cube”. It would not even resemble anything to do with general ship mechanics. As it is, it looks like a God cheat that pathetic people use, only with a tetative “we won’t actually use it”. I would not even want that in my hangar. I would feel dirty just seeing it there.

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You have zero chance of owning that ship anyway,
but you almost sound like you’d rather show off a borg cube.

That is where you fail.

The Polaris frigate is not a combat frigate. It exists to assist capsuleers having problems and allows the pilot of the Polaris to sit on grid and render assistance. And occasionally launch fireworks. Anything more is not allowed.