Frigate "best pvp solo ship".. or a bit bigger


I want to do a little more pvp solo, but I’m struggling to find a decent ship to have fun with. I don’t want a 300M right now since I’m fairly new to this, but I would be doing it in 0.3 sector and around.

Kikimora, Hecate, Worm Frigate, Sabre (but gate bubble is a LITTLE bit too complicated for me)?

Do you have any suggestions or fitting and most likely ship to use? I’m Gallente but open to leanr new skills…


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First, do not ever in your life read the forums - someone could have made a similar request and had this very subjective question answered already and now you want in handed to you again - reading makes global warming and stuff, better ask all the questions again and again and again.
Better yet blatantly ignore an archive of 20 years of EVE because you are so super important that we all come running and answer you what you like best since we know you so well.
EVE has 30 ships to choose from:

  • titan
  • mothership
  • carrier
  • dread
  • leshak
  • drekavak
  • vedmak / itikursa
  • kikimora / Draugur
  • demavik / nergal

See? plenty to choose from. If only EVE had more ships.

  • demavik / nergal
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google derpatron, stay away from gates and station guns.

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I’d take a hecate pretty much every time.

3xbulkhead rigs, 3xmag stab, 1 dcu, 2xweb, scram, neutron blasters, and mwd. Carry null, void, and navy antimatter.

It’s an all in fit, you will melt most frigs and dessies before they even figure out what’s happening.
Avoid medium and up neuts like the plague and rlml even more so except on a caracal (only) if you can land at 0 and start applying immediately. If you have to chase it ■■■■ off and try again. Guns should be heated from the start of most engagements. Learn to slingshot faster ships into heated web range, get the scram and it’s game the ■■■■ over.

You will lose them sometimes. My last one had 13 killmarks, working on a new one now.


I had up-voted the OP as I do not search the forums as much as I should and also added this thread to watching for the benefit of the more experienced form capsuleer to visit and lay it out like a fine Sunday lunch.

I can only add one mention of ship and that is a Rifter., Wolf or Jaguar all 3 are very good depending on your isk outlay for pvp.
My added thoughts are Skill Sharpshooter / Rapid Firing / Motion Prediction / Surgical Strike
if not already done so as those 4 help heaps.

Frigates and dessies are great for lowsec FW regions. Start cheap and work your way up. You will die a lot but that’s OK.

As it has already been written 256000 times on this forum, there is NO BEST PVP SHIP in eve. If there was one, everybody would fly it, you see?
Everythg is situational, depends on the context, range, etc… rock/paper/scissor game… etc, etc, etc bla bla bla…
One ship type will be better than another one in one situation, but will be worse than a third one, and things will be different in another situation
So actually, you select one ship type and fit, you undock, and you learn to select the targets that can be destroyed by your ship, you see?



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The best pvp ship in EVE is the one that YOU enjoy flying the most. For the rest, there are plenty of resources and opinions available.



friend ship? :slight_smile:


Rifter. Period.

Good one mate :+1:


Solo pvp is pretty much dead since people run away like stupid pussys anytime anything remotely engagable shows up. Then they up ship and come back in ships twice as big. At least in my experience. I fly the Kikimora. I don’t really care for frigates to much unless I’m in a group. Solo I prefer armor destroyers and cruisers.


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