Which Empire Has the Best PVP ships for a beginner?

What the title says. Which empire faction has the best head start for pvp players? I’m familiar with Gallante ships and like drones, but for my dedicated pvp alt I want to make sure I have the best head start so that I can build up fighting power fast.

I personally wholeheartedly recommend the Atron, but there is no “best” faction for pvp ships. All ships have strengths and weaknesses, it depends on what you’re fighting. Picking a specific faction will save you like 15 mins of training time for the racial frigate 1 skill it provides, and another 15 mins for whatever weapon systems 1 it provides

OP you are wrong
In eve there is no “best pvp ship”. Eve is a paper scissor stone game, where one ship will be better than another one in one specific situation (range, type of tanking, solo/small group/fleet, etc) but will be worse than others in others situations. In eve everythg is situational.

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It depends. As everything in EVE

Your best start is best ship in EVE “The Friend Ship”. You wont get into PvP solo without weeks or months of suffering (I tried it). Find good corp that is new player friendly and PvP oriented. Maybe something in FW?

Gallente lineup is pretty well rounded out and overlaps with other factions in many areas, whereas Amarr can be a bit uphill at the beginning due to reliance on capacitor. Further down the road though, each race has its own place in the meta.

There is no “best” pvp ship but in terms of FW and frigates, the Gallente line is actually quite oppressive. The blaster atron is fast and deals out a lot of damage, the incursus can be fit in a lot of ways, but the more commonly found ones include the extremely tanky dual rep incursus and of course the full mag stab blaster incursis which deals out a lot of damage. The gallente faction frigate, the comet, is also without doubt, the strongest non-pirate frigate in the game, able to be fitted for brawl with blasters and railguns for a more rounded playstle.

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You’ll find everything you need to know there:

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A lot of the responses are not giving you direction towards a specific race or ship and they’re correct that there is no “best”. However, since I believe you’re actually looking for a suggestion on the path to take into pvp and not a discussion on game balance I’d recommend the rapid light missile caracal. It’s cheap, easy to fit and fly and you’ll stand a good chance killing many ships that are smaller than you. Its engagement profile is wide enough that you will very likely get at least some kill and cheap enough to play until you win.

A lot of people will encourage you to jump into a frigate as your first pvp ship but the truth is you need to know what you can fight before you engage or you’re just gonna get dumpstered constantly. Frigate fights happen very quickly and mistakes are generally punished quickly as well.

You could also consider any of the t1 destroyers for similar reasons. Try different pvp fits and kill things that are smaller than yourself.

Good luck out there.


I personally have fallen in love with hard counter ships, things like the corcer (amarr)
Merline or caracle (caldari)
Thorax (galantee)
And stabber (minmatar)
Ships that dont have a wide range of counters but what they do counter they demolish, it completely grabs better equipment and skills and throws it out the window, I would just pick a weapon system you like or even the prettiest ship and roll with it.