Choosing a Faction / Race

I’ve recently come back to EvE after a few years and decided I’m here to stay now after bouncing from several other MMOs… and just like them I’ve had a problem choosing a Race and Faction. So…? I want to PVE and PVP… probably some Hauling in the mix, too, but I’m unsure of where I should start… I’m also a big fan of thing that can tank real well.





Imo start with Gallente they’re very versatile at all ranges and (active) tank the hardest. Everyone uses drones and Gallente use them the most so even when you branch off into other races you’ll benefit from the drone skills.

You can look at the war zones on Dothan maps to get some idea of activity in the FW areas. I fly the race of my character, no other reasons.

I am surprised that no one has really pointed this out yet.

Your character race is really of no consequence.

Sure, it will decide your starting skills and thus your starting weapons and ship (and what newbie/corvette ship you will get for free whenever you die) and it will also decide where you start in the game…

… but in the long run it doesn’t matter.

At some point you will train into other ships, other weapon systems, and the “core/support skills” you train will be applicable to all ships (more or less).
If you stick around long enough you will have skills in all the racial/faction ship lines and their respective weapon systems.

So choose based on what kind of backstory or appearence you like. :slight_smile:
If you don’t like their tech, take a day or three to train into another and see how you like it. Rinse and repeat.

edit: Unlike in other MMOs, In EVE choosing a particular race/faction and/or skills will not prevent or deny you training other skills.

For example: My character here is a racial Gallente of the Gallente Federation. I once was a part of the Minmatar Militia (Faction War) and often fly Amarr, Minmatar, and Gallente ships.
And I will sometimes fit weapons belonging to other races on said ships.
I can PvE and PvP (because the skills to do both are pretty much the same, merely the ship fittings and tactics differ) and I can also mine and do light industry.



Pretty significant for a day 1. I remember having to double take frigate iv skill training time in 2007 after deciding I want to go amarr because two days is a long wait when you’re not used to this kind of system. Now months of queue are meaningless but we can afford that luxury cause we don’t particularly require more skills it’s just icing not getting into a new ship.

But yes in the end it’s miniscule and races mean nothing. You can train whatever you want and are not limited by character creation choices.

What race you choose will also determine in what part of New Eden you will start to play. But again, it is not written in stone as you can move to any part of space whenever you want. Just move your stuff and change your clone location and that’s it. :sunglasses:

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