Choosing your starting race

i picked the Minmatar when i started because the “fast and light, hit and run” sounded cool. does your race really matter that much?

Not really from a gameplay perspective. Every race can cross train to every other race and use the other racial ships and fighting style.

If you are into roleplay though, then race plays a significant part.

Not really, i’m not even sure how role-playing would work in this game.

Does your starting race effect your initial skills?

So eventually i could have a ship with gun turrets as well as missiles. ?

It affects the racial ship skills and weapon skills, but they are quick to train into anyway, so only a couple of hours training.

For example:

Caldari: caldari frigate + missiles
Minmater: minmater frigate + projectile
Amarr: amarr frigate + energy
Gallente: gallente frigate + hybrid

I haven’t looked for a little while, but you might start these days with destroyer and perhaps even cruiser skills at level 1or so also.

Either way, those will just match the same pattern as above and each is easy to train across to.

So if you want to save a couple of hours training, it’s good to go with the race that matches what you want to do.

ok thank you.

No probs. One bit I didn’t respond to:

Theoretically yes, though in practice it’s not necessarily a great idea to mix weapon types on the same fit.

Most ship hulls are bonused for a weapon type, and if you fit a ship with the weapon type it is bonused for, then you’ll get the maximum benefit, and keep your fit fairly focused.

Mixing weapon types in the same fit usually weakens your ship overall.

Same for tanking. It’s usually not a good idea to fit shield tank and armour tank, because that will usually be weaker than focusing on one type and better using the other slots for different modules.

There is some subtlety in that though depending on profession (eg. hauling sometime benefits from maxxing tank everywhre, but that doesn’t really do well on combat ships).

Some ships are bonused for all races (eg. Society of Conscious Thought ships that are easy to fly as new players, but they also tend to be great at everything, but not the best at anything).


So I chose the MInmater because I thought I’d like to have the fastest ships. Is that the case or can any race have the fast ships based on race and skill?

That is to Minmater ships get speed bonuses whereas other races might get shield bonuses etc?

Fastest ships: I reckon it’s the Dramiel and the Leopard afaik. They are not cheap, but worth a fly!

And yes, most ships are slightly differently balanced based on race, but you can get much more effects by skills.

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Thanks cause I think the Minmater ships are ugly. lol I might just start all over.

Just train into the ships that you DO like… unless of course you don’t like your character, either.

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I like my character, shes cute. Wish I could change the name though. lol

But where would I get those ships? I guess the only way is to buy them. On the other hand the ships from my own races are sometimes just given (through the agent missions) or blueprint.

You can actually go do the career agents from the other factions, and get free ships and ISK from them.

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Thank you.

Dramiel and Leopard are Pirate Faction ships, so you don’t get them from state authorities.
You can just buy them on market, or have luck and find a rare bpc while ratting and build your own one. That’s how I “discovered” the Leopard.
But never forget: Don’t fly what you can’t afford (mentally :wink: ) to lose. Probably you can afford them one or two months later, though.

List of all career agents:
You can visit all 12, there’s no problem depending race, and your standing should be no problem, too. Just put their location into autopilot and follow the yellow brick road, i.e. jump manually through all the yellow gates in the overview.

And I like your name. Everybody can read and spell this name properly, that’s handy for fleets and coms. If you keep on playing, you’ll create some other chars and need much more names, don’t worry.

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