Minmatar ships for PVE

Hi Everyone,

I started this character about a month or so ago. I chose to train in to Minmatar ships as I liked the look of them, but I’m not convinced that they are the best ships for pve. it may just be down to me being new and skills that I have trained so far. Should I be looking to train a different races ship if all I want to do is pve or once I get skills trained will Minmatar be ok?

Thanks in advance for any advice you give

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In general, Minmatar ships are just fine for PvE, they are quite flexible on the damage types and ranges they can do. That said, it all comes down to how you are using, fitting, and flying that ship… and how much effort you want to put into your play.

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Machariel is one of the most used PvE ships in the game. So you will need also gallente race skills. Vargur is another reasonable Minmatar PvE ship, but I am afraid thats all…
Some players try to use Hurricane Navy Issue in low class WH, but I, personally, did not liked how it performed.
Most minmatar ships lack DPS in PvE. Cause missiles are better in caldari ships. Guns, working in falloff, are not that effective (good on paper, meh in virtual reality). Just because you can use some ship to do the job does not mean you should. ISK/hour ratio is important and you need damage for the higher ISK returns.

But if I get mission in low sec - I grab my HAM Loki and there is no alternative for “PvP ready PvE” ship IMHO. Cause 1400 EHP/s active cap stable tank, 30 km web, over 900 DPS and all this before any booster… Well, you will be ready if someone will try to ambush you in mission pocket

The most important thing in this game is to have fun, not turn it into a 2nd job constantly grinding for ISK.

Minmatar ships are very skill intensive, meaning they shine after getting skilled up as PvE ships. By the way, the Munnin kicks arse for a Cruiser.

Anyway, due to CCP’s Ship Tiericide each Faction has a few ships that actually stand out from all the rest.


For you are just a month in EvE, for Minmatar I’d suggest a Stabber. It’s very quick and likes to kill Frigates. And if sh!t hits the fan, it’s a very good ship to get away asap.
And by the way you learn how to use projectile guns AND missiles AND drones - that’s versatile.

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Thanks for the replies, but I have decided to not play anymore. Not because of the skill level or the learning curve, its because it’s so hard to find a nice Corp to play with that doesn’t advertise something then when you speak to them it’s something completely different. It’s an mmo I don’t want to play alone.

Thanks for all the advice etc

Fly safe

Well that’s definitely sad to hear. Yes the game is an mmorpg but that doesn’t mean you have to join a Player Corporation in order to interact with other players. I’ve been in the initial NPC starter Corp for over 10 years and have had lot’s of interaction with other players in the game.

Anyway, good luck to you.

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