What Race Is Best For PVE?

I have this toon, but i’m trying to decide what race is good for PVE and making quick isk.

A bot…


huh? i’m not a bot, i’m a new player.

If we are talking complete min-max, then it really depends on what specific PvE activity we are talking about.

In general, it doesn’t matter though. All races have ships that are fine PvE options.

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I once tried to get my guys to figure out THE BEST alpha for a build and we determined it was less than 2-3 hours of difference no matter what. If you use a buddy code you get 1 million free SP and the starting race becomes moot.

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:red_circle: Gallente because of drones.

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That answer does seem to be accurate :slight_smile:

Bots are prevalent in Eve for isk making processes - mining and rating (shooting npcs).

Race is largely irrelevant - all races can train all race skills - the race really only comes into effect for a tiny time advantage for initial training (a couple of days at the very most).

The choice is more dependent on what type of isk making activity you want to pursue - e.g. mining or ratting - and the skills/ship/weapon types you may need.

galente and caldari
missiles and drones are the pve weapons of choice


It literally makes zero difference. You have to train the exact same skills to fly the same ships and use the same mods. Race is merely an irrelevant role-playing facade.

If you are talking about ships and damage mods, you should be more specific. But the same applies. It doesn’t matter. You can use missiles/drones/arty and range-tank, slowly but efficiently, or you can dive on in with blasters, auto-cannons or pulse-lasers and manage your dual-armor rep for quicker, but riskier mission running.


Generally speaking, minmatar ships under perform in all PVE and they take longer to train because of split weapon systems and tank.

Amarr under perform in missions because em/therm isn’t a great damage type and their drone/missile boats are weak compared to gallente/caldari.

Gallente and caldari are very good in missions but underperform in abyss space because it was specifically designed to be harder for missiles and drones (unless you use a gila).

In exploration it doesn’t matter because you’ll be using an Astero as soon as it becomes difficult enough to make a difference.

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fly amarr like me. never reload.


Caldari for missions, amarr for wormholes, each race with its t2 resi for ded’s in their own space, Mini (Vaga) / Caldari/Gal - Gila for abyssals.

Overall amarr has the best dps at long range if you have perfect skills thou (Paladin is a monster) and is able to do up to class 5 wormholes becuase of it but its actually better to use mini dread for c5’s so all depends. Caldari is the safest becuase it can snipe so its able to do lvl 5’s easily with a cruise raven and so on.

And if you want to farm afk gallente is the best becuase drone drone drone are op.

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Ferenghi or Teldai

Its all about the PROFITSSSSSS

Frostpacker is Minmatar, therefor Minmatar the best and only true Mining Race.

Ultimately it makes little difference - all the skills can be cross trained, there are no limits to where you can travel (initially, though watch your standings if you want that to continue - I must set up a base in Gallente space sometime. Shudders.)

I’m most familiar with Amarr and Amarrian ships - so in showing that bias then I’d give the following reasons:

  • The Amarrian Empire space is the largest of the Empires.
  • If Role Play is you thing, the Amarrian RP community is the most active.
  • Amarrian ships have quite a wide range of options: there are good turret ships and drone ships in the line up, there are missile ships there too. They have forgiving defences: lots of armour. Energy Turrets, as @Random_Rick has pointed out, don’t consume ammunition (at least T1 crystals) and allow for fast range swapping.
  • An Amarrian Logistics Pilot able to fly a Guardian at a good skill level is everyone’s friend.
  • Personally I really like Energy Neutralisers and Tracking Disruption. They can really wreck someone’s day.
  • You get slaves!!! the chance to guide the lost back to God’s light.

On the down side

  • You will learn capacitor management. Energy turrets have a lot of advantages, but they really do hammer a capacitor. Amarrian ships have good capacitor sizes, but you’ll need it.
  • The armour is first class, but they are focused around buffers (just “lots of armour”) rather than bonuses to repairing. I’ve not found it a problem, but mission runners tend to need active defences.
  • You will not train shield skills much, but many fleets, and mining ships, have shield doctrines. This can limit your options when wanting to fly with a group. There are armour doctrine groups, but they are rarer. Yes, the Shield Arbitrator and even the Shield Oracle are a “thing” (a shield Coercer is a real thing as well), but they feel really weird.
  • Amarrian combat tends to be unsubtle: A Laser Firing Gold Brick. Get close and hurt someone. Hurt them again. Watch their puny guns bounce off you plating and give 'em another kicking for their insolence. Kiting ships are rare (Slicer) - if dancing and light footwork are your thing, then you ain’t Amarrian. So saying, I know some really good Slicer pilots.
  • You have to put up with the godless whining about how bad slavery is rather than seeing it as an educational opportunity. Miserable ingrates.

None of those problems or advantages are significant given you can always cross train. To be honest a similar (and equally personal and glib) answer can be provided for each of the races. Go with whichever culture you like and whichever ships you find the most attractive. You can always cross train and relocate.

Fair warning: Eve isn’t a “PvE” or “PvP” game - there’s no switch selecting one or the other. It’s a whole bunch of people playing in the same world interacting with each other. Some are rougher than others. Don’t define yourself by “I’m not an X - therefore I won’t try Y” - it’s a glorious place, try things - you may suddenly discover you like one aspect you didn’t initially appreciate.


There are exactly two split-weapon ships in the Minmatar lineup: Typhoon Fleet Issue and Scythe Fleet Issue. The TFI excels at PvE. It’s a lawnmower in L4 missions.

If you want to talk about split-weapon/split-tank ships, the Sunesis, Gnosis and Praxis give damage bonuses to all four racial weapon types and drones, and have the same amount of armor and shield, and equal resists, and you don’t even need any racial ship skills to pilot them.

All other things being equal, you want to be Caldari 'cause we’re the coolest.

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Stabber, tempest, fleet tempest, fleet cane.

Guns, missiles, drones.

To squeeze the most out of these requires more training than the ships of other races.

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Yea Mini are by far the most skill intensive race while caldari is the easiest.

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Ember gets it.

Caldari don’t use drones, so lack of training has little effect there. Only shield tank.

Gallente never use missiles. But they can use armour or shield tanks.

Amarr only armour tank, but have a choice between gun boats with few drones OR drone/missile boats. So you can get away with specialist training in one or the other.

Minmatar however, consistently have ships split between all three weapons. As well as all tank types and speed/sig tank. So lack of SP is felt the most.