Which line of ships for pve

As a returning player I want to concentrate on one races ships for pve to begin with. Which races ships are the most pve friendly?


I always liked missiles for PvE, so Caldari mainly. Except blitzing missions in Svipul/Machariel.

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With Caldari (Missiles) and Gallente (Drones/Hybrids) you will have easy and reliable systems, not hard to master, pretty convenient to use. However, at the top end thy both can’t compete with turrets. I would recommend one of those for beginners. Pretty forgiving on making mistakes, not hard to fit, not demanding to active piloting. For the highest DPS missiles (HAMs, Torps) you will most likely need multiple application support modules to get their full potential DPS delivered to anything smaller than a battleship (Paints, Webs, Rigs, MGCs, CrashBooster).

With Autocannons you are very flexible and have a fluid damage output over a good range. You can greatly influence your performance by good piloting, making sure to stay in perfect weapon range and using the right ammo to shoot the NPCs. A very good choice for pilots who want a good performance that grows with his piloting skill while still being able to take on any composition of NPCs, small or large, closerange or longrange, Ewar/Neuts or not. Barely need application support if you can maneuver well. Top Notch everyday workhorse. However: Those ships eat ammo like popcorn, make sure to have huge supplies.

Lasers have the by far best projection and thus the overall highest damage application (amount of raw damage actually hitting the targets). There are reasons why Paladins are the #1 Marauders in almost any scenario. Using the correct lenses on the correct range will lead to LOTs of increased hits (penetrating, smashing, wrecking) and actually very few reduced hits. However they suffer from being locked to EM/TH damage, so they lose their advantage against enemies with KIN/EXP holes because they cannot use these. They are also the hardest to master because in addition to being on spot with planning your targeting order to make sure to hit most enemies on the edge of optimal range, mistakes are also punished because if smaller enemies come too close, they suffer from bad base tracking. Last but not least, they are very cap-intensive so they will demand the highest skills to use them beside a tough tank.

Triglavian Weapons (Entropic Disintegrators) can be useful against NPCs with extreme HP (WH drifters or Sleeper Battleships), however they really suck at shooting lots of smaller targets as they can never benefit from their spoolup mechanic. So it’s best to use them in a PvE fleet context where they can begin to spool up on the high-eHP targets right from the start while other ships clear up all the small stuff. For solo: meh.

Edencom Weapons (Vorton Projectors) can be used in niche contexts, for example grinding specific anomalies where each spawn of NPCs arrives “clumped up” and you have enough DPS to arc them all down in a few shots before they actually drift away from each other. Can also be used in the Abyss with great success since almost all NPCs there come into very close orbit very fast, which allows to hit them all at once.

Make your choice.


“it depends”
it depends on whch npcs you plan to fight, what you wanna do (ratting, missions, abyssals, etc)
so without precisions we cannot easily answer your question