Griffin Frigate Ship Help PVE

Hello, I need help fitting PVE weapons onto my ship. I don’t know what they require and such… Thanks a bunch

Don’t use a Griffin.
If you’re using Caldari Frigates for PvE, use a Kestrel with Rockets or a Merlin with Blasters.

Okay, I got the Kestrel ship, how do I put missisles on it?

Buy some Rocket Launchers from the market, and put them into the high slots of your Kestrel via the Fitting window. Then buy some rockets and load them into the Rocket Launchers.

Do I have to train the skills to use them?

im a turret user and have no real training in missiles
but i see my friends who do pve and it appear to me that
light missiles are better to pve people because they have more range
so you can snipe npcs from distance
(confirmation needed )


The new Griffin looks really nice and I can understand if people want to try it (I even used it in PVP, it died horribly :laughing: ). Just never, ever put light missiles on a Griffin, because thanks to you using the ship basically against its will, only rockets will give you just barely enough DPS to make level 1 missions tolerable.

And everything else is right out, of course.

On a Kestrel (Caldari) or Breacher (Minmatar), light missiles are OK. The Condor is another nice Caldari frigate, but in this case I would rather use rockets again. Be fast, use a web, melt enemies.

so rockets and web are the way to go?
good because they are nice in pvp to :smiley:


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Fly Safe o/

ISD Bahamut

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other weapons have also long range

For all their advantages, I was never a big fan of missiles. Flight time, multiple waves enroute at the same time and the amount of cargo they take up…

I always enjoyed beam lasers for sniping, you just have to give up something to enhance tracking though. No weapons sys can do it all…

we are talking about missiles for a new bro
i know beans and railguns and artys have long range dahhh


Quite right though.

explosive damage

Gas attacks are outlawed by international law. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I can see a new type of bomb. A methane bomb that asphyxiates the pod/char and leaves the ship behind to be boarded and captured! :crazy_face:

you said “i am a turret user…” and then “light missiles are better”
so no you did not seem to talk only about missiles

I did my first PvE in a Railgun fit Venture :slight_smile:
A free Griffin is ok for the first missions, and it’s even more ok to be blown up in the Advanced Military Missions.
OP: Learning by doing, fit some stuff and have fun!

i was under the impression they were talking about missile ships
rockets and light missiles … thats why i gave the disclaimer i don’t understand that much about missiles but my friends … they used passive tank and light missiles because i remember that …anyway …i think i didn’t express the message well

in my pve times i used lazors, i used to have a paladin , but in gila times i recommend missiles and drones

a venture? OMG how do you even tank it?

hey when i was in Volt, one night we did a pvp venture fleet roam. I flied a logi venture, and we had pvp ventures.
We finally found somethg to fight. I activated my remote reps, and… got out of cap at the end of the first cycle
But we got one kill! yes! (i always wondered whether the guy did not choose to let us kill him because we made him laugh ;))