What Race Is Best For PVE?

lets be real here

and vexor , and rattlesnake and mayyyyyyybe ishtar

I know slavery is kinda bad, but since Amarr people were god’s chosen, u know.

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Now we start digging into context and interesting areas of RP within Eve, as well as a whole contentious subject in general.
Caveat: in reality I think slavery, in all its forms, is fundamentally wrong.

As a good Amarrian:
Slavery is part of the natural order of things. We all serve God, His Empress and the Empire. Some people need to learn, to be taught by and helped to do that. And by teaching them, and giving them the chance to serve God we grant those poor souls the opportunity to become a valued part of God’s Empire.
Hard work and devotion provide a way out of slavery for many, but it is accepted that in many cases they are beyond redemption and their labours need to be ensured by other means (Vitoc for example).
Of course, only true Amarrians are God’s Chosen and are worthy of his blessing, while we may show mercy on those who come to recognise and honour his Glory, they will, forever not be Chosen.

OK, and that’s me as a good Amarrian (“good!”).
If you want a comparable model: look at Slavery in Ancient Rome - the proportion of the population that were slaves was staggering - rather than just, for example the Southern States. Slavery takes many forms - from simple hard physical labour driven by whips and cruelty, to domestic servitude by coercion, to permanent indentured service for more administrative or managerial works - which for a highly trusted, skilled slave, could be a relatively “comfortable” if not free life. But in both cases the slave is not free to do what they wish, work how and where they wish, and all the benefits of the work go to their owner who can sell or transfer them on as they wish. Legally they are “property” not “person” - they are treated the same as you would buy or sell a donkey, a tractor, or computer or a piece of engineering equipment.

One of the more interesting aspects of Eve is that chance to explore different ideas and ideologies, or as a trigger to look at our own world and explore our own cultures and histories. There’s not a lot else like it.

Personal irritation: Minmatar “role players” who define themselves solely in terms of being “Not an Amarrian Slave” while ignoring a wider range of culture, social structure and environment that is the Minmatar Republic. There’s more to being Minmatar than just hating Amarrians.

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yes in Ancient Rome, masters can grant slaves freedom with a legal act. most slave owners have good relations with their slaves, but some were more brutal.

Within that context, I see very few Caldari working for the greater benefit of the State.

Aww man, you made the Nemesis very sad.

Guns, missiles, [and] drones, oh my!

Don’t get your point.

Race is way irrelevant. Years and years ago, some races started with different attributes and skills but that’s long past now.

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