Hello New World!

Quick Question, which is the best race on EVE? I’m having trouble deciding on a new character. :frowning:

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As an Omega account, there is no difference. You can cross train all skills. Choose for role play reasons or personal preference.

Alpha accounts are restricted to ships and weapons of the race chosen. If you like missiles - choose Caldari, drones - choose Gallente, or - since Alphas are free try them all.


Jove are the best race, but unfortunately they’re not an option due to having a tendency to randomly biomass themselves.

Otherwise Do Little has pretty much got it covered. Amarr are also shiny lasers and some drones, while Minmatar like to go fast and use projectiles. Personally I like Gallente best, but I might be a little biased being a Red-Haired Federation Bastard Child.


Gallente are the most popular for alpha characters due to the cruiser class vessel: Vexor Navy Issue

It is far and above more versatile and powerful than anything offered by the other races. Also, it is a VERY common ratting ship in Null Security space among the capsuleer alliances.

Proof: https://meta.eveonline.com/t/100mn-shield-vexor-navy-issue-the-workhorse-of-0-0-ratting/4418/3

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If you expect to remain Alpha, Gallente is probably best.

Omega there is no lasting difference.



How dare you try and show off the megathron without the magical police skin! :stuck_out_tongue:


Amarr and Caldari are the best.

AutoCannons have anemic DPS, so Minmatar is out.

Blasters require you to burn right up to your enemy’s face and get nueted and scrammed to pieces, so I don’t fly Gallente.

Amarr and Caldari allow you to strike from range while remaining mobile. They also have the coolest looking ships, the “cleanest” looking space (gold and blue respectively, as opposed to the dingy rust of Minmatar space and the ugly greenish grey of Gallente), the busiest trade hubs and the best ores.

Trust the rust…and duct tape…

Autocannons are stupid simple to keep cap stable. I started in a Rifter to do missions and it worked for me up thru lvl 3’s.

But honestly, each race has it own pros and cons. One is not better or worse than the other. If you play long enough, you will eventually cross-train into all race’s ships. Once you learn the skills for one, others open up as well. Pick the ships you like most and fly the crap outta them.


Caldari and gallente both get some nice hybrid weapon platforms as well. Amarr gets lasers and drones. And minmatar gets projectiles and missiles. Overall the races are pretty well balanced. There are always some arguments for tweaks.

Except with alpha skills the VNI is limited to medium drones and is well, kinda meh.

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Nice lol

You’re pretty much going to go Omega at some point, so as it’s been said above, pick a race based on your roleplay or aesthetics preferences. Since nobody’s done so, I’ll give you some feedback on the racial backgrounds / roleplay backgrounds:

First, here’s the official Lore section of the EVE website. Click through and read each empire’s history and background.

In brief, the Amarr society is a theocracy / empire, with bits of racial purity and superiority thrown in. They’ve tried to conquer all other empires / states, and generally view themselves as superior to everyone.

The Minmatar are a tribal society who have only recently (just before the start of the capsuleer era) managed to free themselves from the Amarr; they view themselves as freedom fighters, and the Amarr view them as terrorists. They’re sensitive to anything related to freedom, and somewhat volatile when encountered.

The Gallente are a federation based on capitalism and freedom of the individual. They champion “just causes” (and tend to meddle in the other empires’ internal affairs in the name of doing so), and have accumulated a sizable minority of Minmatar citizens.

The Caldari are somewhat nationalist, and are a corporate state; they place the needs of their corporation above the needs of the individual (or at least that’s the view every citizen adopts when questioned), and hate the Gallente because of past wars that caused massive loss of life (on both sides), unforgivable from their point of view.

Given this, Amarr - Minmatar roleplaying is somewhat easy, as there’s a variety of clearly-RP topics of discussion that can be adopted with ease. Caldari - Gallente roleplaying is a bit more subtle; roleplay stances have to be related to the history between the two nations, and that’s not as easy as making claims about slavery or religion.

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Said like a true Omega :slight_smile: let me fix that for you.

As an alpha you can’t use heavy drones so a VNI’s bandwidth which is what makes it so great is wasted, so you’re actually better off using an ordinary Vexor.

A Vexor is far cheaper than a VNI, has enough bandwidth for five medium drones, the most drone DPS an alpha can get, has the same drone bonuses as a VNI & four turret hard-points, a VNI only has two turret hard-points.

Which all means alphas get the same drone DPS from both but the two extra turrets mean they can squeeze more DPS from a Vexor.

Which means the Vexor is the better alpha ship, it’s still Gallente FTW though.

It does have less EHP than a VNI though, but hey, you can’t have everything :slight_smile:



So do Gallente with drones.

Ah, OK then, your right, it can be a bit of a bind having to choose between waiting for your drones to get back to their hold or warping off straight away if you’re EHP begins to erode.

Space & hubs, very true :slight_smile:


Of which you have a limited supply, take time to travel to the enemy, take time to respond to commands, and which can very easily be shot down.

All very true, but I do so love being able to walk away to check on my hot pockets… dust the curtains, have a bath, go to the shops… mostly the hot pockets of course, and know I’ll still be killing stuff while I do :wink:

But that’s only for pve, doesn’t work too well for pvp :smiley:

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The vevor is my go ship for ratting as an alpha. Enough bandwidth and fire power…

The only times I cant use it is when the drones cant keep up with a blaster battleship MWDing in and the drones cant lock into an orbit. I had to build a kiting Thorax for that, let the drones clear the close small fries and I can work on the rest.
I more or less like the new look of the vexor, the animated lights and bays are cool…BUT the swivel that the hard points are mounted looks like the whole is hollow. And the shape and face was so changed that it doesn’t feel like the same ship anymore.:sleepy: