Chosen Race in Eve [Main]

  • Amarr
  • Caldari
  • Gallente
  • Minmatar

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0% amarr? What gives? Are the dildo ships that revolting?

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Well, I got into EVE through DUST 514. My best weapon was the Mini HMG and I wanted to carry that flavor over to my EVE experience (of course all my SP is in drones but w/e). Plus I’m a sucker for the industrial aesthetic.

Amarr would have been my second choice but I couldn’t make an Amarr character I liked the look of.

You’ll probably see a lot of Gallente because they have the best Alpha clones.


mini hmg? so… the smg? Matari tech was great (fat jumpy space pirate with a mass driver :slight_smile:)

‘Mini’ being short for Minmatar. The HMG was a monster of a weapon.

Sad we never got to see the other racial vehicles. Hopefully we get more merc.content with Legion.

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didn’t legion die and get replaced with a newer, newer dust version? or did they make a 3rd and call it legion again? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hope they have the rail rifle in any demo they push

calling it Project Nova now

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Caldari historically were the militant race along with the Minmatar to a lesser extent and therefore most players reading the limited background storyboards given to us chose Caldari as a starting race. The new Alphas are all choosing Gallente simply due to the weapons systems, tank and options available to them, just as Caldari Achura when given to us later on in the game was the go to race and bloodline to choose which led to an influx of those characters being rolled.

Amarr historically were the hardest race to play due to capacitor issues and therefore needed full skills in order to use well but were deadly when done right. Minmatar was the jack of all trades mid to high level PvP toon.

Many roleplayers choose Amarr and Minmatar naturally due to the ease of the RP ability and the diametrically opposed race available simply to get that extravagant flair to it. The storylines of the Amarr and Minmatar lends to a great RP environment due to the hostilities and underlying racial natures we all know and “love” in real life. Role playing Gallente freedom or Caldari corporate greed isnt all that hard from many things and doesnt offer the same emotional bite to it as the other storylines do.

Mass rebalances of ships and FOTM weapons have typically moved the goalposts quite a bit and swung them in favor of one races ships and weapon types over the years and its done a full circle and a bit over the course of Eves history. Really the only actual issue to rolling new toons was within the first 3-6 months of game play on any particular race. Again Achuras were the best attritbutes for the longest time and now Gallente Alpha skill set is. But again, beyond 3-6 months there is almost zero difference in what to select or why other than a hardcore or semi core RP playstyle. Now for building characters it is an entirely different story and that is an art form within itself.


Gallente 4 lyfe.

When i started in December of 2009 i read descriptions and looked at pictures for REAL of all the main factions to choose my race. That’s why i have chosen Gallente.

After that i only looked at pictures to choose the most interesting faces when i was creating my alts.

Well the percentages right now at 61 votes certainly are interesting…

31% Gallente
30% Caldari
29% Minmatar
10% Amarr

One has to wonder how much of that is because of the early game pains. 'Cause they certainly do have nice looking ships.

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A bit of a bump post.

With the Amarr I suppose the, well, backstory would be off putting to s a lot of people

SWTOR players flock to the Empire side because people like badass. Amarrians, on the other hand, are just pompous assholes.

Ultimately, though, roleplayers aren’t a majority, and Amarr ships (or perhaps the lasers as weapon systems) have some issues. The big deal with lasers is they don’t require ammo, but most ships have plenty of cargo space for ammo, so that’s not a big deal. It’s not, for example, as big a deal as projectile weapons not needing capacitor at all. Ultimately the lasers draw too much energy, and have too little damage-type customization to balance the lack of ammo bit.

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Minmatar and Gallente seem the have the most appealing ethnic phenotypes then ?!

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So… the Amarr… how have the Minmatar not won if there are so few enemy’s to stop them?

Matari is the worst of the worst, of course! I’ll tell you why. Who else used to be able to have a char sporting an Elmer’s glue mohawk? Nobody. Who else used to be able to get tats-- the same! But we don’t mind if our Gallente mates get tats now, 'cause they’re hard fighters as well. We’re coming for you, can you help me out mister or miss? God save the Empress! :smile:

Amarr. Cause i like to have slaves, i can look like palpatin (sort of) and of course righteous lazors burning my enemies alive :slight_smile:
Minmatar - bleh
Gallente - too french
Caldari - second favorite.

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Minmatar. Imagine someone from Scrapyard Wars who has a gun and isn’t afraid to use it, flying in ships that’s 50% engines and 25% guns built out of parts from that same scrapyard in a well-run factory with good SOP and everything.

And that alleged ship flies like a dream somehow because of magical Minmatar engineering skills (and the fact that it’s really a well-built machine that just happens to look like a rusty pile of junk).

That’s all kinds of awesome in my opinion.