Is Eve Online Becoming Caldari Online?

The biggest question of the year is, is Eve Online changing its name to Caldari Online?

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EVE is quite the engaging game! I hope I can experience what it feels like to have 10b isk bounty on my head. Hope springs eternal sigh
I don’t like the Caldari. Ruthless knaves… their ships are square, like their minds.
I don’t care what they call the game, as long as they improve it. Read about that slow-mo fight and nodes issues, too. I want to experience a battle but I don’t look forward to Time Dilation.

Gallente Online sounds just fine for some reason😉

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Certainly not. If anything, it’s been “Minmatar Online” for subcap PVP, “Amarr Online” for capital PVP, and “Guristas/Gallente Online” for PVE.

Caldari ships fill the niche of missiles with shields and blasters with fantastic control.
Minmatar ships encroach on the missile niche a lot, and the Gallente have faster hulls (and rep bonuses).

I personally use the Merlin, Slasher, Breacher, Magnate, Griffin, and Stabber as my solo ships of choice. The Caldari ships have great control and tank (both are dual web dual rep), and the Merlin in particular has fantastic damage, but low buffer and severe cap problems. They can engage a variety of enemies.

The Minmatar ships are fast with a lot of utility. Dual rep Breacher, TD antikite Slasher, and dual neut XLASB Stabber. They can engage slower enemies, especially those with beam lasers.

The sole Amarr ship is the Magnate, a good troll if you ever want to show off your immense skill in BSB. It actually has three mids, which isn’t a lot but I like it much more than the Incursus, Atron, and Tristan because of its speed and capless weapons and strong armor tank, which the three Gallente frigs are all missing at least two. The price of course is DPS.

All in all, I have not really seen an overabundance of Caldari ships anywhere except for in the Caldari warzone and in Caldari noob systems.
In fact, I seem to see the opposite. Fleets of Exeq Navies, Prophecy Navies, and Cyclone FIs are all over the place. People do use Caracals and Caracal Navies and Osprey Navies sometimes, but not nearly as often as those other ships.

Try flying around. Diversify your frigate portfolio so to say, and try out some lowsec.


What about the game is dominated by Caldari ships?

Well as a Caldri… I have to say there is a warm spot in my heart for them. The best alpha haulers are the Tayra (Caldir) and the Bestower (Amarr). With both fits hauling 26K max volume the Tayra is slightly cheaper. I use Type-D Restrained Expanded Cargo for mine, which currently cost 38K each. The Tayra can fit 4 and the Bestower takes 6.
Tayra - 2.7 million
Type-D Restrained Expanded Cargo - 38,000 x 4 = 152,000

Bestower - 2.8 million
Type-D Restrained Expanded Cargo - 38,000 x 6 = 228,000

Then both run with 3 Cargo Hold Optimization rigs.

The Gallente Federation haulers waste space with drone bays and the Miasmos is ore only hauler. How am I suppose to get all my collectibles into a Miasmos when changing apartments? Nothing against the Minmatar ships but the Mammoth cost too much for the space offered and physically looks like something Mel Gibson used in the Road Warrior.

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Anything Mel Gibson used in the Road Warrior was pretty damn awesome. :slight_smile:



So you’re saying the Mammoth is the best then?


EVE Online was ‘Caldari Online’ 18 years ago!!!

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The reason I ask is because some are talking about some new collaboration between Gallente and Amarr to decimate the Minmatar in faction war. Supposedly you are able to sign your up corporation to fight with Amarr against the Minmatar while still being Gallente.

I guess the real push is to make Gallente FW militia believe that ganking Minmatar militia is the correct thing to do. But in the end, what will happen is the Gallente fighter will get kicked out of the Gallente militia and have to join the Amarr militia, thus the possible overall brainwashing tactic taking place.

Amarrians have infiltrated Gallente faction militia and are trying to subvert reasoning to make the Gallente militia believe that Minmatar are the real enemies of the Gallente.

You do know that player character race has absolutely nothing to do with what they can do, right?

A pureblood Amarrian can just as easy go join the Minmatar side.


That’s not what I was referring to. What I was referring to is the subversion taking place within the Gallente militia by pirates, no Sabs, or saboteurs, who get off on causing as much chaos and destruction as possible until the citizen joins their ‘pirate side.’ Being a True Pirate is one thing, I have pirated a time or two recently in Low. Not my thing. But when a pirate infiltrates a faction war militia and spins lies and deceit to break the militia up, that’s when things get ugly. When a Sab tries to make Gallente militia believe that fighting with the Amarr against the Minmatar is righteous because the Minmatar are slaves, then the Amarrian Sab has already wet it’s own stone against which the double bladed is honed, to fill the very chalice that the Amarrian Sab drinks from.


"Yes, Dryson.’

"Run a triple layered, reverse index search of all transfers from destroyed clones into new clones. Double check the node relays with known Botter clones and tap into the VPN secured networks for the Amarrian Sab. You will be looking for slight, out-of-sync node transfers between destroyed clones and new clones. Transfers that link the Amarrian Sab to Low and Null + Triglavian and Sleeper convocations of Amarrian minded agents who share the sheep’s. wool.’

‘Yes, Dryson. Dryson, what am I supposed to do when I discover the Sab in Sheep’s Wool?’

‘Redirect the Amarrian Sabs next clone rebirth from a destroyed pod into the Sea of Dead. Make certain that during the consciousness transfer from the destroyed clone to the new clone, that the transfer never leaves the pod. Loop the transfer back into a still operational databank of the pod.’

‘What if such a system is not operational Dryson?’

‘Transfer the Amarrian Sab’s consciousness into the Sun. For the brightness of the light that bringeth them into New Eden, shall be the last light the Amarrian Sab shall see upon their death.’

‘Yes Dryson.’

I am saying, ALL the Minmatar ships look like they were designed on the planet Junkion. While the Amarrian ships are sleek and streamline, mechanically they don’t seem to be as well designed for battle or utility. I do like the Punisher, Arbitrator, and Tormentor. There are fewer Minmatar ships I could name that would be note worthy.

Yes they can, point of fact, my Amarrian has something of a low standing with his government at present. He has been assisting the “wrong” people lately. I have been meaning to correct that sometime in the near future.



Some of the Amarian ships are pretty. I like the way the Inquisitor looks like a sleek backwards flying squirt gun.

It may not be all about the ships either, Jita 4.4 is the go to hub in the universe. Seasoned players knowing they plan to do business in Jita probably pick Caldari for this reason alone. Not saying the others can’t do business in Jita, it just happens to be long trip for any Amarrian who doesn’t care to get blasted by the gankers in Ahbazon. While the Gallente are nearby, the average Minmatar better pack the long travel luggage to arrive in Jita.

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It’s only like 8 jumps through dangerous lowsec, and 15 or so through highsec.

CCP only focuses on nullsec and Jita… and it might be a good thing idk.

What have they done for Nullsec recently again? From my knowledge, there hasn’t been any new content for them for a few years now, and most of the changes have been more nerfs. CCP has been focusing on Faction Warfare.

Is it intergalactic Bring out Your Drake Day again?

How time flies.

–Gadget can fly a Drake… just badly

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Caldari chicks, skin tight leather and stiletto heels, yeah…