Say it with one sentence why EVE is bad

People say that EVE is dying. Sometimes I see long I quit complaint threads that are boring to read and they contain nothing that makes sense to me. I often create constructive ideas based on people complaining something that makes sense to me.

As headline says: Say it with one sentence what is bad/wrong in EVE.

I start:
Upwell structures have too few financing options.

Too much dependency on a veteran playerbase (that is slowly aging out of the game) for proselytizing EVE to the masses/communicating crucial info to prospective rookies to mitigate EVE’s depressingly low new player retention.


Paying real world money for plex, selling it in game for that shiny new ship you been after i.e. a freighter. Undock get to the local gate and you get bumped for hours, you pay them the ransom which costs you another plex and then they all jump in and blow you sky high and you lose everything. Thats your problem right there. New players won’t stand for that ■■■■ and will quit faster than light speed.



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I would luv to offer you Eve’s finest financing option that is usually reserved only for very high-rollers, but I am here to give you this once in a lifetime opportunity…

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–Gadget Concurs


Eve is bad because I think about it while Im away. It distracts me from important things I need to do in life. Shower. Eat. Sleep. Raise Kids. Eve is bad. I agree.


EVE is bad?


0 casuality.
Horrible UI.
Some CCP concepts/principles are downright bad.

On-boarding of new players having to deal with an immense burden of knowledge across so many facets of the game.

EVE doesn’t hold your hand. Never has and never will…

Interesting. Could you elaborate on exactly what it is that makes the new players nowadays such little bitches?


Undock, and get bumped and held for ransom for hours in what, a Velator? Are we still talking about new players? Cuz no one’s going to bump a Velator or hold it for ransom ever. Especially now that plex vaults are a thing.

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You’ve taken one sentence and concentrated it into one word.

10/10, took it to the next level

Ends up being too much of a pain in the ass; I have priorities.

Horrible UI, also lots of annoying bugs and the waiting for everything.

New player and I mean new players generation like my brother (we, older guys we can handle it) will uninstall right after game throws them into space with default useless overview and all windows all over the place.

By waiting for everything I mean that whatever you do, you will spend 50% or maybe even more of the playtime waiting for something to happen. For your ship to warp from gate to game, to jump and appear on another gate, to manufactory/research work being done, for mining lasers fill your cargo, for another prey fall into your gatecamp, for another prey that won’t dock on your roam, for another player buys your stuff, for another player to haul your stuff, for skills to train and various timers that prevents you play and more.

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Changes to make the game better or worse are consistently protested against by the people that the change would have an effect on regardless of it being good or bad for them in the long run.

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Python is too limiting for Eve to be competitive against games like Elite and SC.

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The difference is that Elite: Dangerous is an actual game. Star Citizen is vaporware and will likely never be released…