Say it with one sentence why EVE is good

(SegaPhoenix) #1

I’ll Start:

The Sandbox!!!

(Dracvlad) #2

Siege Green!

(Major Errogance) #3

Mining while reading the newspaper with a cup of earl grey tea and crumpets.

(Roth Amschel) #4

It’s more fun overcoming obstacles than being force fed content.

(WEWILLSEE Whatwillbe) #5

Love the ship simulation fitting window. I spend a lot off time there preparing new bad fits😎

(Quelza) #6

I find the setting and lore really appealing, especially the “no aliens, just different facets of humanity” approach to sci-fi space civilization worldbuilding.

(DarthStar Four) #7

Ship permutations are endless.

(WEWILLSEE Whatwillbe) #8

Basically generally in love with everything including getting lost for hours days and weeks trying to figure out how it all works. And knowing it is going to take me many years more.

(Roth Amschel) #9

In spite of the harsh learning curve the community is actually really helpful.

It’s tough love but it’s better than no love.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #10

The players.

(Jade Blackwind) #11

Fully player-run economy.

(Jenne Wain) #12

The choices and complexity are deeper than almost any other game.

(Scipio Artelius) #13

The metagame is like no other.

(Elias enDiabel) #14

because of falcon

(Yiole Gionglao) #15

Make new friends and learn to f*** somebody else’s friends.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #16

I can do anything that I want, including trying to stop you from doing what you want.

(Rhalina Sedai) #17

No other game out on the market that even comes remotely close to what Eve is.

(Rosov Aulmais) #18

You know it when your legendary/mythic gear in wow got dumped in the next expansion…

(Fred VonStraine) #19

wife knows where I am and what I am doing IE keeps me out of trouble…:slight_smile:

(Jenn aSide) #20

I tried but i can’t put what I like about EVE in one sentence… If I could I probably wouldn’t have spent the last 10 almost 11 years playing. :sunglasses: