This Game is Great

I needed to say this. Maybe you needed to hear it today. Maybe you’d like to argue against it, or maybe you thought I would, but one thing is for certain: this game is great.

What is EvE? Spreadsheets in Space. (Super) Serious Spaceships. Dotland. Snakes on a Plane. Total Garbage. Just Like Real Life. Just a Game. A hobby. A lifestyle. A massively multi-player online roleplay game. An economy simulator. A chatbox. A forum. A scam. An investment. Real. Fake. Good. Bad. Frustrating. Kinda easy sometimes. Kinda boring sometimes. Kinda fun sometimes. Lots of reading. Lots of clicking. Lots of F1. Lots of jumping. Lots of back and forth. Lots of proper planning. Lots of spinning in stations. Checking market orders every five minutes. Checking them once a day. Checking the daily login gift. Checking the locals. Making friends. Making enemies. Making strange connections. Making significant connections. In your head. In real life.

I am very glad to have been able to share this experience with others. Sharing it has made it real. If this game was singleplayer, it would suck. Thank you all for making my game great. I cannot and will not play other games. Nothing else forces me to use my wits like EvE, 'cause let’s face it: you kinda have to.

If you don’t use your wits (imagination) in EvE, several of the following will happen: your ship will explode, your pod will die, your stuff will be taken by another player, if you had anything worth pilfering, or you will simply be killed for the sport, so you will cry, or you will choose to use that adrenaline (rage) to your advantage, you will learn to see through the hazy red panic, then you will learn to make better decisions even when previously compromised by similar circumstances, or you will write a strongly worded letter, your efforts will be used to another’s advantage, your time spent, your attention beckoned, your creativity needed to make this anything but HELL.

What is EvE? Mike Azariah did a nice talk in 2017 about EVE, Goals, and Winning. Rough quote: we are all playing a different game.

What everyone observes about this game will vary directly based upon the player. The meanest players you might think of in EvE are simply bathed in your meanest light. I used to think very mean things about people until I realized that was very mean. Maybe I could have learned these lessons in “real life”, but instead I chose to be impulsive and free in a video game instead of acting “a certain way” among my family, friends, and coworkers. I was called-out for many things and have always been allowed a chance to defend myself here, even in Rookie Help chat, where I spend much of my time on EvE. I do this because the message there is simple: if you are not there to help, avoid spamming by being off-topic, since many rookie lurkers use it as their primary resource.

What I’m jumping around is this: be social and use your imagination. If an EvE experience does not revolve around somehow interacting with others: this is just not a good game. I enjoy running up to one Level 4 Security Mission per day, which affords ISK to play around in Abyssal Deadspace, which is practice for me before I go lose some ships in solo PvP. I seek to be an ace frigate pilot one day, then maybe take the boring scanning skills to WH and join a corp there in Scary Space.

I will never do something boring in this game if not for the benefit of another live person, though I will keep all my ISK to myself, aside from a fairly negotiated plan for services rendered. I am in full control of my own experience. If I have a bad time, it is because I have made investments in selfish endeavours, which have clearly failed. I will always be given an ability to avoid downfall, if only I would seek the information and means to become empowered.

Anyways, I don’t know if your experience has been the same as mine, but I encourage you to bombard Rookie Help if you are feeling lost and hopeless like a rookie again. I appreciate the opportunity to make battle with all trolls, who give me endless opportunity to poke at logical fallacies and observe the reactions of those who react emotionally to them. I appreciate the true rookies who, like me, used that chat as their primary resource for their first moments in-game, and who continue to find the best ways to challenge everyone by hopefully becoming worthy opponents in battle. That’s where the adrenaline (fun) is. And I also appreciate the veteran helpers, who get only half the thanks they all deserve.

Everyone has their unique reasons to play. I love people and finding better (healthier) ways at socially interacting with them. Instead of failing at new things in real life, I can fail here and “feel safe” about it, giving me that much more courage to try new things in real life. I post this due to my successes (not in-game, happily poor, thank you). Just grateful. Have a good day.


Thank you for having a TL/DR right at the top of the wall.


That is all. Thank you for your time. :smiley:

I agree. The game is great and the forum is great, too!
I’m great and you’re great, too.
Only the trolls aren’t great. Shame on them.

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Nice write up. Definitely a lot of good reasons to play.

The main reason I play, which is probably true for a lot of others, is that I always wanted to be a spaceman…


Are you kidding me? Eve have the greatest trolls.


I don’t think we can qualify players in the game as “trolls”, and if we can, what is it they do that deserves the name “troll”?

  • traditionally they take a toll
  • are resistant to sharp words and truth
  • can only be annihilated with fire

EVE is a game of extremes, I embrace them and everything in-between.




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game gets better after 2k hours …

I love the “trolls,” or rather, those who give others a dificult time on purpose for their own benefit. They might not realize they are training some of the most powerful verbal shinobi to date, or perhaps that is their hope: to make us all better… by being much worse! Or at least playing that part. I am proud to admit I (sometimes) know the difference between acting and “super seriousness.”


Some things never change.

Does it…? Is there some point where I may actually transcend my physical consciousness into the capsule so I don’t have to do so much clicking and typing anymore? Next patch, maybe?


Thank you for a quality post.

Fly safe!


The game looks better than it ever has.
The biggest problem is the warnings we have told for years that making it easier to play would not make it better.
It was much better.
In the end, various special interests got what they wanted.

I thank you for your opinion. I am much too new at this game to be able to contribute thoughtfully on a discussion of what should or should not be in the game. I came along during resource distribution in October 2020 as a highsec miner (thoughtful edit: I abhor highsec mining, but respect anyone’s right to do so freely). I had no perspective on “before” and after sifting through the forums long enough, it seems many vets view the past through rose-tinting nostalgia glasses. Everything was better in childhood.

That being said: change is not always good and I get that. Our adaptability should be no excuse for higher powers to continue their reigns unchallenged, but one part about EvE that really gets me laughing is that every disadvantage can be sold as a feature.

Only sixteen unique missions per level? It was designed that way on purpose. You are upset at CCP maybe? It was designed that way on purpose. The bug is always a feature here. As dumb as that could be, if extrapolated far enough, I enjoy the fact that “deal with it” is often the solution here. Once I can get past my initial emotional reactions regarding change, then I can better seek into myself for solutions. One thing I never thought I’d do is be reaching out to strangers for solutions, which EvE always forces me to do.

Everything is definitely fcked, but that is okay. We are in this together, capsuleer, and you can still play Alpha and continue participating as long as you feel accepted and wanted. That goes for everyone: if you are here, we are all in the right place (at least for now).

My stock of freighters and jump freighters have doubled in value since the last industry …er…fix.

Lets keep making EVE great once more!

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


This is my long term wish.

I like to think of my purchasing power as based on my labors and my ability to make a deal. I have donated ISK maybe twice to other players and instantly felt scammed. I am more apt to donate some time chatting, which is all one sometimes requires to unjam the gunk from their brain, in order to better help themselves. I will donate my attention, maybe even my labors if the cause is great enough, but the ISK remains sacred. I can dump it as I please, but no others will appreciate it the same as me. Same cannot be said about my time, which can work the opposite: sometimes my time is much better spent appreciated by another.

Taken out of context, I either sound like a miser or an idiot! I will leave it up for debate which one…

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I feel ecstatic when sending ISK to Princes Aiko.

Celebrities in an MMO surprised me at first, but it only made more sense the more I played. Being in a social group feels like being in a concert hall, even if it’s only going on in my head and glandulars while I sit in front of a computer screen. Donating to keep that concert going is like subscribing to EvE. The shows must be killer.