Eve online is a lot of fun

Not sure why all the negativity and butthurt. There’s a ton of things to do in this game, whether you want to play alone or with a group. If you are unhappy with what you are doing then find something else to do in game. Maybe even go back to a new player corp and help teach newbros for awhile, reset yourself, get a fresh start.

Yeah CCP messes up sometimes on development and game errors but I’ve found they quickly remedy the situation. The landscape changes. The geopolitical structure changes. The game changes. Seems like an opportunity for never ending fun, excitement and learning. And if you hate bots, then get involved in hunting them. Seems like some nice kill mails and game content to be had.

I’ve been in the game over three years and started in Eve University. That was a great place to learn, meet people, and have fun. Then I moved on to a professional corp as Unistas are supposed to after graduating and since then it has continued to be a constant adventure. This game kicks you in the gut sometimes but just get back up on your feet, learn, and move forward. I’m 53 years old. That’s the way life has been and always will be.

This is a game. The most important thing is to go have fun. If you are not having fun then try something else. If you can never have fun then maybe look inward for a solution.

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Its so nice to live unaware of all the bad things. :ccpguard:


Succinctly said Rogwar

But the OP is correct. Yes bad things can happen, but that is a part of the challenge and beauty of the game. What is not part of the game is how you as an individual reacts to the bad things.

For example, the other night my shuttle and pod were popped while auto piloting through hi sec. Did I complain about the gank? Pour out salty tears and lament how unfair it was, or did I simply throw up the killright for a cheap price and choose to move on accepting that it was my fault for not actively flying and being lazy? I choose the latter because such is life and the game.

That doesn’t change the beauty of the game. It’s just part of the tapestry of the game.


I’m certainly aware. Bad things exist all around us in game and in life. It’s more fun to focus on the good, the fun stuff, and mitigate the bad.

Imagine you focused on the good thing and then CCP one day removed it.

Its a lot harder when you play it longer and see more of the stuff being removed or changed in the way you dont appreciate.

Just my 2 ISK.


Hm…I think the negativity comes from the fact that the messing up has been more frequent of late despite an immense amount of good feedback from the playerbase, paired with increasing implementation of microtransactions. And I’m not sure where you’re getting the “quickly remedy” bit either. Huge imbalance issues persist for months to years at a time. Took over two years for Ishtars Online to be done away with, for example. The CSM only this year succeeded in getting CCP to establish a balance team. More and more it feels like we need to raise a big enough stink to get reported in gaming news just to get CCP to tackle an important issue, like how it took over 7 months for them to declare ghost training an exploit despite being made aware of it by the players.

Yes, it’s a game. A game many are heavily invested in and have been playing for years, many for over a decade. You cannot possibly be justified in expecting them to just watch the game they love erode out from under them without expressing some displeasure.


I certainly understand and sympathize both in game and real life. For example, studies have shown that all animals get really stressed out by changes in their environment. There is a book which was typically used in the corporate world, often in relation to when something unpleasant was going to happen soon.

Nowadays it’s a bit cliché but the information and its affect on people are still valid.

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That sounds like understatement. :joy:

One guy even controlled whole fleet in alliance tournament. Playing solo with many Nightmares.

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Now I only have to wait 30 years to train all the skills. Then I can enjoy everything in EVE.

I should hunt bots. How can I do this?

For faster use, inject away! :sunglasses:

–Clean-ish Gadget

You seem a very positive person.

This I find… disquieting.

I find it more of a chore with enjoyable rewards than flat out fun,still when I was about 3 years into my eve experience I felt just as good about the game but it was a different time.

Why not?

Of the entire player base, less than 10% post on these forums, some more post on Reddit. Game goes bad / unfun, 80% don’t post and will just quietly quit, go play other games that are fun. I think the devs would rather have the feedback, even if it’s emo, than just completely silent loss of revenue.

But, you’re right. CCP has fired their entire Community team, so the message is that they don’t care about feedback from us. Silent loss of revenue it is, then.

Most people I run across in the game seem to be happy and enjoy playing with no plans to quit. Most of the quitters I’ve seen since starting did so because of real life reasons. Sometimes I’ve seen people take a sabbatical.

In life the negative always attracts more attention than the positive.

There’s plenty of fun to be had in this game.

I don’t think anyone’s disagreeing with you there.

But you should at least understand that all the negativity is coming from those for whom the gameplay they love (and presumably the thing that keeps them paying a subscription fee over months or even years) is being threatened.

You’re essentially telling them they should quite down and settle for whatever the next best thing is. They might eventually do that, or they might quit, but first they’re going to vent.

That’s what happens when you have a company that has a long-standing history of asking for player feedback. A company which has established a system of elected player representatives that meet with the developers. A company that literally built a physical monument to its players. When it seems like you’re not listening, the players are gonna talk a bit louder. If after that it still seems like you’re not listening, or only half-listening, they’re going to complain.

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For people coming fresh to the game it gives different impressions than for vets who have seen something more before. I see CCP would rather try to lure more new players, because those who invested are well… invested, so CCP can think we will not quit, or they can cope with loss of those players, when new ones will come. I think CCP still want to lure new players in droves and turn players into payers, monetize what can be monetized. But there is that thing that new players meet old players in game and see what is going on.

I will give a example from real life sport club from the city i live near. The manager of that club hired new coach for a team, this new coach was really hyped up, until people working in the club told him, that previous coaches did not get any salary for some time, so they left and have hired a lawyer to get their money back from the club. The new coach became worried too, very worried.

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