3 months into Eve online, new player thoughts

I jumped into eve hoping that it would be the kinda game that would keep my interest going. Eve has not let me down, I love Eve Online despite what some players may say. Sure it has changed from years ago but for the new people this is all we know. I have logged on faithful, daily to get my fix and try new things
I can’t wait to see what 2020 brings to Eve Online


Hello, welcome to Eve and thanks for sharing, it’s good to hear you’re enjoying the game.

I hope you have much success and a long rewarding career here.


Don’t let “bitter vets” tell you otherwise, if you are enjoying then all the better.


Welcome to New Eden. Great to hear you are enjoying it.

I’ve been playing for five years or so. In that time Eve has improved substantially. More changes will come.

Eve is a fully rendered world - and worlds change and evolve over time. That nice fertile ground on the side of the volcano will let you grow fine wine and live an easy (if boring) life. But when the volcano erupts and burns the vineyard down there are three types of people: those that quietly rebuild the vineyard as it was before, adapting to the new fields; those that move away, buy a boat and try something new out in the wider world; and those that scream on the forums wail that life is unfair and that god should magic the volcano away and give them free wine.

I look forward to sharing a glass of wine with you in that nice bar by the harbour. Fly safe.


Great milestones are ahead of you: first ship loss, first billion ISK worth ship loss, first hauler lost, first billion ISK worth hauler loss, and so on, lots to look forward to. :smiling_imp:


If it’s been three months and he hasn’t lost his first ship, he’s going down the wrong path and will end up like so many others on the forums here who cry about tanking or cloaky camping.

I have lost my share of ships, fell prey to a setup in a wormhole and fought my way out of a two on one. It’s all part of the game and the nature of the players. I learn from my mistakes and move on.

All those happened when I left the keyboard for 5 mins once to relieve myself on toilet. I soured on PVP from that point.

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