I love EvE

I love Eve.

I know, it is not a perfect game.

There are times when you pull out in your shiny new toy and get beat up by someone in a t1 cruiser because they played their game perfectly, and you messed up. There are boring times in EvE when nothing happens, and it doesn’t happen, and then it still doesn’t happen.

(deep breath) But there are occasionally times when you get jumped on the gate unexpectedly, and it is two vs one and your foot is pounding as you pilot ship perfectly to mitigate the damage from the first guy’s blasters while you keep the scram on him and your rockets are eating away at him and you kill the guy that had their scram on you and you make the jump before the second guy gets you scrammed and you are away!

EvE is not like Wow. I understand many many people like WoW. If you like WoW, it’s not going anywhere. I don’t like WoW. Please stop pushing for EvE to be like WoW, and just go play WoW instead. The world is full of WoW clones.

Stop trying to take away nonconsensual pvp from EvE.

That is all. Feel free to tell me why I am wrong.


You’re wrong because the game you’re describing hasn’t existed for over 12 years.