Is EVE a good fit for you or should you look elsewhere for your space theme fix

I will do my best to keep it short and to the point and will summarize what I can;

  1. EVE is a PVP game and an MMO.
    A. Yes, and while it has elements of PVE there is no exclusivity to PVE content at some point you will have to be dropped in the pond with all the predators and these predators take on every shape and ugly characteristics you can imagine. So to help understand if eve is a good fit for you I will give you some points on why it may not be;

  2. Do you prefer the immersion of an undisturbed environment?
    A. Yes, then from 1 to 10 take a point away, you have 9 points left, 10 being a good match, 1 being a bad match.

  3. Do you want to farm for points, rewards, and in game currency without restrictions from others who want to actively deny you your goal, if yes, then take 2 points away.
    B. People will in fact deny you this, the reasons are unimportant they just do it because they can.

  4. Do you hate, absolutely hate loss taken by another player who no matter what reason they do this, then rub it in to get what they came for, take 2 off.
    C. Players will, eve players are some of the most aggressive, trolling, and psychopathic players on the net.

  5. Do you want more content then just being in space or a station spinning your ship, do you want to build an outpost or your own ship, land on planets find things others have never seen yet in game, if yes, then take 1 point away.
    D. EVE is only a spaceship game, the only environment with meaningful movement is flying around in space, you cannot land, you cannot truly have the freedom to build YOUR ship, or your outpost/base, it is as it is, the structure that is EVE will never change because of the code it is written in, no amount of hoping will change it.

  6. Do you like defeating boss characters, keeping the kill drops for yourself, the shiny stuff you get, if yes take 2 points away.
    E. There is a limit to the size and drop you can achieve based upon the area in which you are in, even if you do go to those places having shiny stuff will bring players who are looking to take it from you, your shiny stuff makes you a target and those things that made you feel good will make others feel good that they either took it or destroyed it.

  7. You gets no help, if you go to the forum to ask for help half the players will try and be forum warriors and troll your post to death, 1 point away.
    F. EVE can be complex, I still struggle with things and need help, if forum duels are not your thing and you find them upsetting EVE will upset you.

  8. If you have real life issues and use the game to escape them, then take 1 point away.
    G. By playing eve you are inviting more problems into your life because of the very things above, you are inviting others into your sphere, they will dump on you, they will revel in your anguish and they will betray you, in the end EVE is only as good as the person playing it, if your able to deal with people in real life you will be able to deal with eve’s environment. If you find yourself above 5 you will be ok with it, if you find yourself below 5 it is probably best to look at other games, I find myself at about a 7, but sometimes at 5, I find that I do enjoy aspects of the game and do interact but then there are the other times I want no interaction, it is those times I simply put long training skills on and some research bpo’s and log off, when I’m ready I log back in to find some positive changes waiting for me.


Could do with some formatting, but otherwise looks decent to me. Scoring a full 10/10 too :smiley:

And what now

Phew. I score myself about a 9. I guess I am playing the correct game.

Helpful post, thanks. It wasn’t fully clear but I gave myself a 7 or possibly 6. Seems like people get dissatisfied with the community more than the game and unsubscribe for long periods of time. The more I read the forums, the more that seems to be normal practice.

I guess i should finish the tutorial.

Same for me, which is interesting as we often have opposing views.

Over everything else though I believe there really is no other game quite like EvE, and that’s why it’s the game for me.

I look at the decision a little differently. Do you:

  • want to watch the movie? Eve won’t keep you entertained for long.
  • want to be part of the cast? There is probably a place for you in New Eden.
  • want to help write the script? This is definitely your game!

You don’t need to be a CEO or famous FC to contribute to Eve’s’ story - as in real life, the butterfly effect is real, we can all make a difference.

The developers provide sand and shovels but the players decide what we’re going to do with them.

That’s what keeps me logging in.

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I agree.

This survey has some quirks, but basically it tests whether you want to be playing an open-world MMO where interactions can be of the competitive variety. That pretty much sums up Eve and is what keeps me here.

There are plenty of single player games where I can build, collect or fight bosses by myself which I can play if that is what I am feeling like. I will have to admit though, that the living nature and interconnectedness of Eve has sort of spoiled me for those other games. As you say, there is really anything else out there like Eve.

I also see though how the reality of Eve does match with the expectations of a significant number of gamers out there. It’s obvious why CCP marketing does not necessarily want to make clear exactly what type of game play goes on in their attempt to get as wide an audience to try the game, but it does have the consequence that a significant number of new players arrive with mismatched expectations of the game. Some of them may find unexpectedly that they like the freedom of a PvP sandbox, but others are just going to be frustrated as they discover what this game is all about.

oh look another “eve isn’t for you unless you like these things, go play another game thread”

…and everything in life is EvE PvP! Going to work. Going out to dinner. Watching TV. Taking a dump…pew-pew…plop-plop…close enough!

Just like what Do Little said, i can make my own story instead of watching a movie or playing a pre-scripted game… more fun!

This does not apply to me because I am not using the program for space theme, or as a space theme.
Sure, there is a space theme, but most of it (most of the space theme) is fiction, and so, it doesn’t apply to me.

I am also not concerned with whether or not the program is a good fit for me or other.
Many parts of the program were usable to me, and I managed to find uses for it.
This, more than a good fit, is what matters to me and was what mattered to me.

It’s more meant to alleviate potentially negative obligation, of which, even an attack in war can be, and to promote creative potential.

If you are a bot :robot: score 20 points as this game is definitely for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

beep boop

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