EVE is NOT what it seems

A few friends and some posts online all say “for a relaxing game where you can just explore, and mine resources either spacial or planetary, sell/buy stuff, all without being attacked every time you move, then EVE is the game”, but, after trying it, EVE it NOT what it seems, yes you can harvest resources, but not without being blasted to hell and back every time you need to jump a few times and end up in a war zone, and NOT having the money or the resources to buy new mining ships.

Soo, yeah, I’ve had it with EVE, I would prefer any of these, over EVE:-

No Man’s Sky
Planet Explorers
Planet Nomads

Exploration games shouldn’t always be “blast anything that moves”.

Your friends were wrong. Sucks but eve is not a game everyone can handle. Glad you figured out that you can’t handle it sooner rather than later.

Have fun and hope you manage to find a game that you enjoy playing.


Can I have your stuff?


“Exploration games”? Is EVE an exploration game?


Unfortunately, I have nothing to give, no ships except the pod, no ore, no modules, no weapons, nothing, all gone when I got blasted in a war zone, just for trying to jump 3 times to get to another station, I did have 3 ships, all but the pod is gone.

Well yes and no. I don’t totally agree with you. Yes it’s a dangerous place, hence rule number 1) you undock, consider yourself dead. But no, cause I’ve been a miner with different alliance, I’ve lived in many places and I’ve never been much into PvP and I can tell you that you can totally find peaceful environment to mine. You just need to find the right people to tag along with/defend you… Or if you’re a lonely pilots just fly Procurer/Skiff, stay in HS and Concord should be there to save you from attacks (not in every scenario tho).

Speaking about the explorarion part, do you live in a candy, rainbow and unicorns world or what ? I mean, for me, and I am sure everybody would agreed in Eve or in RL, exploring means facing the unknown and dangers…so I don’t really see the issue here… Anyway, sad that you’re giving up…


Well then they were all very mistaken about EvE or trolling you. I find it hard to believe anyone would say those things about EvE otherwise. EvE isn’t an exploration game.

EvE is a great game but it really isn’t for everyone, and that’s ok.

I played planet explorers with a buddy for a very short time and liked it alright. I thought it was defunct for some reason but guess I need to look it up.

I would recommend you give EvE another go understanding EvE is not an exploration game but rather a pvp-centric game with large pve aspects. Maybe that’s because I like EvE to an almost (?) unhealthy degree and want people to like it too…not sure… :slight_smile:

Anyhow, hope you enjoy your gaming whatever you do


Anyone who describes EVE as relaxing has never played EVE. Look up “pvp shakes” and you’ll get the idea.

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I find it curious that after you tried the game and hated it (which is fair enough, it’s not for everyone), you then you took all the trouble to register for and join the forums simply to say how much you hated it - why bother ?

eta: I begin to suspect you may just be a troll…


EVE is first and foremost a PVP sandbox, where PVP is more than just shooting each other in the face but rather that you’re pretty much always competing with, and trying to outdo, others. EVE is very much about interaction with other players.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t focus solely on PVE, it DOES mean that other players may see it differently and they can force the interaction. It’ll be up to you to make that as difficult as possible for them.

Anyone who told you something different lied to you and did you a disservice.

However, every true new player goes through this phase (unless he’s been helped by someone). EVE is harsh and unlike most other games it punishes mistakes, hard.

That’s going to take you time and effort to adjust to and as ever in scary situations there’s the “fight or flight” reaction options and for most people the initial reaction will be flight. Everyone falls the first time.

I’d suggest to take a break, get some distance and then assess how and why it went wrong, come up with a plan and then conquer this MFing game.


Eve is a stressful game, and dealing with CCP makes it more stressful.

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Join a large nullsec alliance. They give you stuff for free.

Don’t fret. World of Warcraft classic comes out soon since they slowly killing off reasons to own and build capital ships. I already got my character names sorted.

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Can I stuff your have?


OP, when you say you went three jumps through a war zone, do you mean you went into a low sec system? Those are designed for kill or be killed. If you stay in high sec, it’s pretty hard to get killed.


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