PVE part in EVE, what I can do? Please comment

I’m back after long time break and because of LOT of new content I have very important question. I will be happy if anyone can comment.
(Please don’t ask why not PVP or comments like ‘go play farmwile’ thnx.)

I like mining, I like missions, I like build ships etc. I don’t like any form forced PVP (low security, space conquer etc…)

So now question. How much content focused on mining and/or missions can I do w/o chance to be ganked by pvp players?
I mean is there any kind of ‘instanced’ contend? Like wormhole port me somewhere where I’m alone or with friend but no one else can zone there?
Or any chance mine asteroids/planets (or anything else) again in some kind of separate (private) space?

I hope my question is clear. I just want spend time peacefully.

As much as you want, as long as you pay attention to local and grid. The chances of you getting ganked go up very fast as soon as you get complacent, stop paying attention, or go AFK.

There is Abyssal Deadspace, but it’s only PvE Combat. Nothing in those you can mine. They also have a 20 minute time limit. If you don’t complete the site in 20 minutes, the pocket closes and your ship + pod dies with it. Also, it’s not truly “instanced” as you will leave and enter the EVE Universe in the same place you left. So it’s possible that gankers will set up on your exit, waiting for you to finish the pocket.

Nope. And CCP has never given a suggestion that they will even consider this.

In all honesty, with the direction that your questions are headed, you will not find that ‘peace’ that you are looking for. EVE is not supposed to be peaceful.

You can play peacefully by yourself on the test server Singularity where your activity will have no impact on the Eve economy.

On Tranquility, you will have no choice but to interact with other players - cooperatively or competitively and reward is balanced by risk. It’s a lot more fun.


To be fair, on singularity people are a bit more gunho there since losses don’t matter. But gains don’t amount to anything either.

Thnx, it’s look Eve is same game like 10 years back.
Sad… :frowning:

Better stick with Earth & Beyond emulator and wait for game like Eve but focused a little more on PVE.

I know PVP can hold money flow (and game) alive, but ‘pvp price’ for casual players is too high to return back.

See you later! o7

Not really. Procurers cost 30 million and pretty much exempt you from ganking. Very cheap.

The problem you have, is that you dont like interacting with other players. In which case, maybe a single player game would be best for you. Otherwise, players will interact with you, for better or for worse. And you gotta take in the bad with the good.

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A few years ago I used to mine ice in a Retriever - not exactly the safest profession in Everyshore. With insurance, it took 2 loads of ice to pay for the ship - anything after that was profit. As it happened, that Retriever survived until gave up mining to focus on manufacturing and markets. CODE. was quite active in the region but I maintained situational awareness and docked up when they appeared in local.

First of all OP, thank you for not complaining about how EVE is dying etc because of PVP - I can now respect your choice of avoiding PVP.

Have you tried playing Elite: Dangerous? As far as I know, it’s heavily focused on PVE and there’s even a possibility to limit your visibility to solo or group only. It might be something you’re looking for.

[quote=“Solonius_Rex, post:7, topic:167952, full:true”]
The problem you have, is that you dont like interacting with other players. In which case, maybe a single player game would be best for you.[/quote]

My problem isn’t I don’t want interact with other players.
My problem is, I don’t like PVP part of game (I can’t participate in any kind od PVP, hard to explain why).

I remember times when I can mine or travel in any sector in game w/o perma stress when someone jump into sector and kill me in my hauler or miner. I remember times when I can fly to unsafe space to start research on my blueprints on autopilot (~20 jumps?)

Situation changed while my years in game too much to continue. I can’t mine (because high sec space is almost empty - nothing to mine), my clan members (C.H.O.N mostly time) movet to low sec where I can’t operate because of perma PVP stress.

Some time after this I try to do missions in high sec but even with maximum security My trip end lot of time in capsule again because PVP.

This really sounds like a “you” problem and not an “EVE” problem.

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I don’t say this is EVE problem.
I just try is ask about actual PVE situation in game. From my point of view game isn’t for my.

The stress gets less the longer you do it, to the point where after a month you don’t feel the stress at all, I would suggest going to your friends in low and flying stuff you don’t mind loosing something not to expensive for the first month even if its only a few minutes a day you will be fine in no time and your opinion on eve might change, worth a try you might learn to love eve again.

When you invest too much at once time in a dangerous place and get ganged it hits hard when you loose a tiny amount it just acclimatizes you a bit.

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Sure, this the thing that doesn’t really matter. This is the nature of EVE Online, it’s supposed to be dangerous. There is supposed to be risk.

The main point of the OP was that he wanted to play a game where he had all of the benefits of player-to-player interactions. (For example, the benefit of a player driven marketplace where he could sell the Ore that he mined, or the Pirate loot he collected)

But at the same time, he wanted none of the risks and dangers that came with that same player-to-player interaction. (For example, the ganking, the pvp, etc.)

You can’t take only the benefits and try to isolate yourself from the risks. That’s not the kind of game EVE Online is. And that’s also why it doesn’t matter how much personal fear you that. EVE doesn’t care.

Most importantly, it shouldn’t care. That’s what the harsh reality off EVE should be.

[quote=“Ivory_Harcourt, post:9, topic:167952, full:true”]
Have you tried playing Elite: Dangerous? As far as I know, it’s heavily focused on PVE[/quote]
Elite is good but miles away from EVE ‘feeling’.

This has definitely changed. You can set up a moon mining refinery and create your own mining belts. These belts are not private but will guarantee you more ore than you can possibly mine.

You can only set up in 0.5 systems which means risk of ganking is higher. But, these belts do not show up on dscan, meaning no-one will know if you have a belt going or not. The exception is other miners who will turn up looking for “free” belts. Gankers will not appear.

If you mine weekly, you will have a belt for 48 hours. You can expand that to 72 or even 96 hours per week but it gets expensive to set up. As it is, it will cost 1B to get started. Contact me in game if interested and I will cover your costs. I might(?) keep ownership but it will be up to you to scout the various systems and choose an appropriate moon in first place. And then keep it fueled etc afterwards (subject to negotiation).

In the days between belts you can do mining missions. From my limited observations, this is effectively risk free. Nobody is going to chase around a mining missioner. At other times, you can use the refinery to produce minerals for building or transport & trade. Just get a third party eg me, to do the hauling if you want to reduce risk, but you will still need to research your markets and work out values & costs etc.

This has definitely changed …

… but this is also where it gets interesting. There is an urban myth about a WoW player who levelled up without every killing anything in-game. They just picked herbs or mined and skilled. How about you take up the challenge of trying to do something similar in Eve?

This is already how I play; sort of. I mine. Play solo. Don’t PvP. If I get caught, I die. No fighting back. No salt. No comments. Ever. All deaths to date have been in low sec. And never by a solo player.

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Interesting reading, Thnx for point to this.
Do you have any link to resource describing more deeply belt spawning, mining missions, refining? I mean something like ‘how-to shot version’ :slight_smile:

Anyway 0.5 can be unfriendly like 0.0. I have limited time to play and worst thing which can happen to me is do something whole day and lost everything because of one random PVP player - all invested time wasted. I really don’t like waste time in this way.

Then do it instead of complaining that EVE isn’t geared enough towards PvE?
Did that guy complain that there’s too much of a focus on PvP in WoW? Or did he accept the challenge and just do it?

You could join us at “Newbrosis Trigs” Channel ingame and try out some fleet action :slight_smile:

If you like PvE that is both rewarding and difficult with good scaling you’l like Abyssals.

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