Blackout Event Fun for PVP no FUN for PVE

Thx to CCP
becauce of the new Event i stop playing EVE.
I will wait to the End becauce there is no chance to play in Npc 0.0 without a Proper local.


There is no PvE in EvE. Everything in EvE is a PvP activity.

Act accordingly.

I’d also like to point out that people have been playing in wormhole space under similar conditions for years, so saying that there is “no chance to play” in nullsec is inaccurate.


Be specific.

What activities are you finding impossible?

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You should be ashamed. You should also be ashamed of your leaders.

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Posting in another “Tossing my toys our of the pram” thread…


It’s not an event, it’s a feature.


Mining (especially multi-boxing), ratting, PI, and exploration are now EXTREMELY unsafe and unwise activities with no local with no reasonable way to “adapt” in sight.

Maybe something will come along to make these doable for majority of solo players, but right now, in the best protected space there is…with the biggest super umbrella…activities in the above are waaaay down, if no almost completely stopped.

Only time will tell if CCP makes more money destroying null PVE or not…if the former, they will adapt, if the later, we adapt or leave.

As a PVEr, I am logging in less and less and participating in Corp chat/discord/forums less and less…and playing other games more, making new nonEvE online friends to hang with…so I guess I am adapting…


Are you serious right now?

I don’t see what is so hard about putting scouts on pipe gates and collapsing wormholes.
Don’t you guys have hundreds of people who can work together for this kind of stuff?
How is it that I manage to farm safely in wormholes, solo. And null power blocks somehow can’t close down a single constellation?

You guys can’t be that bad at the game, so I have to assume you’re just overreacting and throwing tantrums because you’re pissed off that you can’t just AFK farm in null security space anymore.


I see pve player after player rail at the injustice of the blackout. I feel only disgust at the coarseness of their unfeeling and selfish disregard for the true victims of this change.

This new mechanic has single-handedly destroyed one of Eve’s most elite PvP communities.

Long the scourge of null, no community has controlled time and space against the most isk drunk players in the game than these noble players.

Here is to you, AFK cloaky guy. We respect the white knuckle AFK hours you spent battling the null-bears’ intense need for absolute safety. We will miss the threads, the tears, and the days long anger and anxiety fueled moratoriums on krabbing.

Nobody has ever achieved your level of efficiency at destroying another player’s enjoyment with so little effort.

Salute, and thank you for the content. I’m sorry the krabs can’t even see that you’re the true victim here.

Their hearts are hardened with greed and Cheeto dust.


Null is not solo land, you are supposed to have friends, escorts, etc.

So how many bots are you taking offline?


lol, no bots here, but I do multi-box Rorqs.

I am open to reasonable adaptation to this new blackout…I want to get back to mining, explo, PI, and ratting…please share your suggestions.

WRT mining, no one is mining using Excavators, too easy to lose to bombers or T3s now, and if you are a subcap miner, you’re gonna die to bombers/torps/T3s regardless.

About the only way I can see to mitigate is to have a significant corp mining op - like Goons locust fleets, but smaller scale. We could put bubble mid anom to trap bombers, have insta-lockers, etc. Would need to use drone HP/armor implants and rigs soz Excavators could survive long enough to recall from large Spod rock. Ditto have every gate camped, bubbled, bubble midway between gate and anom…folks ready to jump into WH rolling ships, etc…what a pain in the arse to organize and do for every anom…sorry if I say no way…maybe for R64/32 moons, yes, large anom…no thanks. In the best of times, I made 100m per Rorq per hour…maybe if ore prices rise 3x …maybe I would go to all the trouble/risk to do it again…

WRT PI - Who wants to fly to their PI planets to pick up/drop off PI…just asking to die. Get a couple of buddies to follow you around, sure, I guess…but that sux.

Ditto hacking cans in an exploration site…silly to have buddies covering for you…

Or ratting…same…I aint sharing tics with a buddy…not worth it…

D scanning constantly is a pain and wont help you from cloakies coming on grid and tackling your or bombing your drones…

I dont know…PVE is now much harder, less fun, and more risky…maybe one day the rewards will be worth it but for now…I’m sitting this one out.

I do all the time?

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again…in null, with no local, that is less than intelligent in you typical PI hauler, unless you have a secret you want to share? Maybe you are using a blockade runner?

That’s weird, you’re saying one can’t play there… because people play there?

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I disagree, I fly pirate waters all the time.

Did you just come into a thread to off topic smug about your own PI activities without paying attention to the context of the discussion? The guy is talking about NULLSEC and the lack of Local. Not your highsec/lowsec “pirate” areas.

The point he’s making is that the lack of local in null puts people at risk when undocking. It’s pretty easy to set up a pair of cloaky eyes off a station/citadel and wait for an Epithal to undock, then follow it without the pilot ever knowing you’re there until it’s too late.

no you can PVP all day long…in fact PVP is enhanced…it is a bonaza!

PVE play is what is adversely impacted as any average player could comprehend.

Please share your PVE solutions…not simply saying get gud, learn to Dscan, or Krabs suk…

I offered a few examples of how to mitigate and I don’t think they are very practical or enjoyable…maybe you have a few ideas?

Null is now a no-local, PVE no-mans land…maybe we will come up with some solutions to get around it but for now, from a PVEr’s perspective it sux.

Another idea - instead of Super umbrellas sitting in station awaiting call for help, they could split up (intelligently, ie. DPS, fax, etc. good fleet composition) and sit at gates camping and respond from there?

Game mechanics are the SAME everywhere, brah.

This is the most laughable thing I ever heard.

Did you guys forget to set your instawarp bookmarks or something?

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I am assuming your are a bad at trolling and not the game…