Blackout Event Fun for PVP no FUN for PVE

I’ll assume that’s correct, no instawarp bookmark, check.

  • higher quality pilots in your group/fleet/corp/alliance/coalition/umbrella. Who are actually active, have a clue and are willing to contribute
  • a higher active player vs alt ratio
  • a higher pvp pilot vs pve pilot ratio
  • more actual teamwork where people who do other things than just krab or dps are also valued.
  • being able to come up with one’s own solutions instead of just waiting till someone tells one to log in, undock and mash head on the F1 key. Quality over quantity because now you actually have to think for yourself. This comes from knowledge and experience, generally can’t be learned through memes

In short, be less ■■■■ and choose to be in a corp that has less ■■■■ people in it.

You know, these are the exact same answers and solutions we give to high sec corps, full of clowns and newbies, as their corps got wardecced to hell and back and asked for solutions. Because the answer REALLY is: git gud (or join a corp that’s less crap).


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Uh, you are aware that Local was recently removed from Nullsec, right? If you stepped out of your little safety bubble in empire space, maybe you’d know?

Again, this is about the lack of Local chat. Are you intentionally trying to be thickheaded?

Conversation regarding negative aspects and possible solutions of CCP’s Blackout are now terminated…oh well, trolls succeeded…still interested in reasonable, semi-enjoyable solutions back in General if that is possible in this anti-PVEer environment we are in atm…fly safe

The less people who do the better for us, PI price increases coming :fireworks:

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He had two choices.

  1. add it to the main blackout thread, like all other blackout threads that popped up.
  2. move it here because this is where “I quit” threads go

It’s like you can’t even git gud at forums, no wonder you’re struggling to git gud at the game.

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You assume everyone in null is in a big block who can magically appear with a super fleet when you are tackled. It’s a wrong assumption. It’s expensive to live in null, ratting is necessary, even mandatory.

You know what the rational action is when told by someone else to use my money to pay for an account to only act as a scout? Log off and not play your way.

this no local ant as bad as it could be, iv took a couple of hits from neuts an lost a couple of excov drones but im adapting to it now. it helps with the price crash in the cost of the drones too. as long as i make 200m a day im good until this blackout ends or we have to use those observatories to make or own local. all this blackout means is no more afk really

Even I know he’s responding to a complaint about getting blapped on the undock, so the comment is perfectly valid.

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I bet it’s botting


Prowler with a probe launcher is how I made millions in WH space. I used the launch pad to stay off the Customs Offices. You just had to plan it right and be a tiny, tiny bit patient. It was all one alt did and I walked away with a small fortune. Anchor a couple GSCs in a safe spot and cloak up almost always. The only headache was where the WH exit to normal space would drop you and having the pick up guy on the outside flying around to grab it all.

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