I have been looking high and low, but everywhere there's someone

In every wormhole I’ve been in (ALT), there’s someone, I stay by the distortion and sure enough within a minute someone shows up.
I just think this saturated play just kills fun that could be had by people looking for challenging PVE as Pvp’ers are just in every nook and cranny of wormholes.

Been running in low sec and same thing, people jumping back and forth in the systems banging away at the D-scan and if I sit for a minute poof, like magic they are on you.

The ONLY option to enjoy PVE is in high sec unless you enjoy the saturated PVP, I just don’t get how some people claim they can’t find any PVP, doesn’t seem like a problem too me.

Has anybody found a WH without someone dropping in quickly, just crazy how they are everywhere.

Have you tried using a cloak? Everyone in wormholes has a cloak

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I could but first scout them with alphas (hence my post on D-scan immune ship for alpha cause at least it would be little bit harder to find it.

combat recons i.e rook curse huginn and lachesis are dscan immune

Noted, however alphas as far as I know cannot use them.

Welcome to EVE. Everywhere is pvp.


Oh I get that but man o man, the saturation is just crazy, we need to make the eve universe 10 times bigger spread it out because there is no such thing as empty space.

Empty space would get boring pretty fast i guess.


that is part of the EvE lore - Man is expanding but is trapped in a (large) volume of space, and competing for resources


Actually wormholes…well maybe they can add more cracked, broken, no I mean shattered wormholes but maybe likened to a C-1 or C-2, like spawn more of them so people can get more chance to do activity with a chance of not meeting someone, maybe a distruction timer if you stay in a shattered WH for more then 2 hours, then no jumping back as their ‘hull’ is saturated with something making them wait it out so that people just can’t sit in them like spiders.

This is part of the same problem. I have never been in a wormhole but I am geared up to do so. And when I do go in it will be to hunt gas. Resources, in other words. And when I do go in I know that there will be others who will (eventually) want to hunt resources there too. Me. That gives me a limited time to find the WH, huff gas, and get out.

I understand your frustration, as I only ever PVE (mine). But, it is just the nature of the beast. YOU have to make it work. For you.

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What can we do, but overall after going all over with my alts I just know that I do prefer high sec because at least I don’t have to watch my back every second, my ships and stuff in low sec I will be moving back to high sec as there is nothing good enough to stay there for, for the troubles.

That is exactly the point.

I am a contrarian. So, whereas I completely agree with you, I was also determined to find something that did make it worthwhile. For me. And in low sec I found that in ninja mining of moon ore. I get enjoyment from solo mining (which people otherwise tell me is boring), from mining in low sec (including in barges, which people tell me you cannot do), and in mining ore that you cannot get in hisec (which is an obvious lure to any self-declared miner). And I have spent maybe 50% of my now total 15 months flying time in low sec.

That all works for me. And yet, at the moment, I am in hisec, in an orca, in an event pocket that I cleared and closed so that no-one can find me - unless they use combat probes. You just need to make it work for you. And each and every day is different.

New Eden has 7000 systems already, how much bigger do you need it to be?

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In 7000 system I have never found one without 1 other in it, not big enough.

I like the size of Elite Dangerous. :sunglasses:

I have seen plenty of empty systems when traveling through Null. It almost makes you not even want to warp at distance between gates.


Oh man, I love when I’m out long way from NPC space but hate when you drop into a ring to mine and NPC’s magically spawn 1000 ly from NPC’s space, breaks the immersion.

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As someone that lives in WH space I find dozens of empty systems. Maybe you should stop going into C1-C3 systems since they are connected to k-space and usually camped.


Yeah the last one I visited was X702 I believe a C-6 but could have been lower, not sure.