Wormholes are exciting! Join us and experience another side of Eve

Wormholes are a great way to feel self-sufficient and has a wide variety of activities for you. We are a tight-knit group of friends that have lived in wormholes for a long time. We like to have fun and do not take the game too seriously. Life comes first and we understand that so we have no CTA’s or obligatory events.

We live in a C5 and here are the activities we experience:

Group/Solo PvE Training and fleets
Wormhole/Nullsec PvP
Evicting people and getting Evicted
Production chains
Capital and Marauder Activities
Mass gas harvesting
NPSI PvP fleets
Being on comms with friends is probably the best of these activities.

Our requirements:

  • You must not be a vindictive person. Showing gorilla behavior towards fellow corpies is not cool.
  • You must have a working microphone and the Discord app,
  • 5 million+ Skillpoints
  • Spies welcome but your time will be wasted :slight_smile: make us some tax while you wait.

Have a talk with a recruiter now for some more info: Dark Order

Thank you,
The Dark 0rder.

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