Wormhole pvp with a twist

TLDR:Live in kspace, and here’s why.

  1. No structures to defend, no fueling, no getting stuck in a wh or losing access for whatever reason to our system and assets.
  2. Always at a trade hub for shipping up and moving out.
  3. NO wardec’s. Keep it simple.

Ops: Seed wormholes - and destroy everything in it.

  1. Either they form and we get a fight.
  2. They don’t form, and we kill their stuff - and get the possibly phat lewt.

ISK generation: Destroying everything in wh’s - farm holes - WR-WH farming

  1. Loot from structures/fights
  2. Farm c5 holes
  3. Cheap doctrine farming c5c6 WR’s. Backpacking c13’s whatever.

Alpha friendly.

  1. Training for alphas and new bros so they know what they need to do - and how they can be most useful.
  2. Get you to plexing one or more accounts in due time. Playing for free is best right?
  3. Get you isk to be able to fly what you want and not stress about losses etc.

If you want to talk more about this join; Tredecim. Recruitment in-game and let’s get the ball rolling. Just starting recruitment so 100% small corp - but the more people that join the better and more efficient we can be in our PVP and ISK generation.

About my EVE history for those who care.

Ran a small and utterly useless, and short-lived sov holding alliance. First time doing so and god we were not ready for that. Ran a c4-c5c3 wormhole corp and we did rather well for being so small. I have the SP to be useful - decent doctrine design ability - and able to FC (although rusty for sure).

We’re looking for people who want to focus on PVP. IE killing, not spending our time defending, just destroying others stuff. The plan is to make our own content - make isk - and be pretty serious /not ■■■■ about what we do. Takes time and growth but it’s achievable.

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