Seeking PvP minded players that want to experience wormholes


The Holes Have Eyes Alliance is seeking nice, adventurous PvP’rs to Join our wormhole PvP fleets. We live in Different wormhole classes but mostly C5’s. We understand that life comes first so there are no CTA’s. Log in when you want content or react to pings. There are also PvE Fleets.

  • Nullsec harassment from Wormholes
  • Triglavian Doctrines, Bombers, T3 Cruisers
  • PvE Fleets
  • Evictions
  • Filament fleets and Black Ops dropping
  • Rage rolling for capital kills

The requirement are simple:

  • You must be able to use communication applications like Discord/Teamspeak 3
  • 10-15 Mil Minimum SP
  • A decent constitution. Don’t be a dick. 18+

Videos will be made of our exploits. If you seek adventure or to just be your own self instead of working for a nullsec corporation, you will fit right in. We have nothing to steal and everything to gain.

IF YOU HAVE A SMALL PVP CORP: Open up talks with us. We can give you the platform and environment to get stronger.

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