Wormhole Alliance Recruiting - Returning to the Game? Want a new experience?


The Holes Have Eyes Alliance is recruiting pilots that seek adventure, friendship and Explosions. We live in wormholes and offer a multitude of activities for solo or group players. Real life comes first, and we understand that. Join when you feel like playing. Here is what we can offer you:

  • C5/C6 Wormhole PvE
  • Gas farming
  • Wormhole training
  • A nice environment with good people
  • PvP
  • Good Leadership

Watch this quick video


  • 15 million skillpoints
  • Maturity - Nobody likes a psychotic gorilla
  • Voice comms are a MUST have - We use Discord and Mumble
  • A sense of purpose. During our initial chat, we will ask you what your expectations are from the game. What would you like to do? We will then get a better sense of where you fit in and how we can help you get it faster.

We really need gas miners and are generally open to most people that are nice so don’t be nervous about popping into our channel for a chat. Fly safe o7 Discord Link

Dear Sirs.

I am interested in WH living and enjoy the pvp that it presents. I have been on a break but am sure I can get myself up to speed very quickly.

Yours Truly

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Welcome my friend

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Recruiting Triglavian Pilots. Apply Today.

Recruitment is open

If you are returning to the game or looking for a change, this is where you want to be

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