Experience Wormhole life! All Time Zones welcome


Our Corporation is a tight-knit wormhole group. We have lived in several hole types and experienced everything throughout New Eden. Now we are looking to add a few more heartbeats to our Corp.

We understand that life comes first and taking breaks is alright. You are not compelled to partake in activities and you have no CTA type fleets. However, we will expect every able bodied and available person to form for important Military Operations such as Evictions and Eviction Defences.

Our activities:

1 - PvE Fleets and Training. We love making isk.
2 - Flash Form PvP action.
3 - We will train you to live here comfortably at your own pace. We will teach you bookmarking, scanning, fleet movements, industry changes, station trading 1 on 1 tutoring, Hole Control, Bombing, Covert Operations like hot-dropping and Rolling Wormholes.
4 - There is no local in a wormhole so you can be out there on your own, feeling pretty safe and self-sufficient
5 - We do have allies but everybody is neutral to us.

Our Requirements:

  • You must have a working microphone and a discord account (Free and super easy to get https://discord.gg/CX9ypUSxs3).
  • Maturity . We just want to chill with our friends and shoot space lasers.
  • Age can be assessed during the initial interview.
  • 5 Million SP and above
  • Follow our corporations safety guidelines
  • No Racism or Manipulation.

Feel free to click the link in the first requirement to talk with a recruiter!
The Dark 0rder.

Marauders welcome

Dark 0rder is Recruiting. Hop into our discord today and ask for a recruiter

The discord link is just to download the app itself, no to the Corp discord

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