Recruiting Australian Time Zone - Wormhole Corp

** Hello from Dark 0rder

We are a tight knit group of wormholers that respect each other and understand real life comes first. We are looking for any players that would like to return to Eve or people that want to carve their name into this world. We offer good PvE fleets and we PvP as well. All region Applications welcome.

Our Activities:

  • Group/Solo PvE in Class 5+ Wormholes
  • Spontaneous PvP and Black ops
  • Gas Harvesting
  • Exploration
  • ESS Thievery
  • Evictions
  • Training
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing


  • A general understanding around the game mechanics. 20 mil sp would be a good start but not required to apply.
  • A working Microphone (We use Discord and Teamspeak 3 for our main communication)
    +18 years old
  • Basic exploration skills (Scanning, Bookmarking, probing etc.)
  • A Good level of Maturity

There is no pressure when you join us. We have no mandatory CTA’s and we understand that Real Life takes priority. Search for ‘‘D.0 Recruitment’’ in your ‘Channels’ Tab and we will be waiting. Our Discord link is HERE for a faster joining process and message Darkmessiah or Tag @recruiter**

There isn’t anyone in your pub chat before DT. Does this mean you only active after DT ?

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