New Players Welcome - Nomadic wormhole focused corp - We teach you everything

Hello! I’ll make this short but spicy for you. Dark 0rder is recruiting people who like making isk with PvE and also want to PvP or do Industry.

Our corp is basically friends we’ve made throughout the years that keep doing activities with us for a good time.

If you join us, consider these benefits:

  • You can come and go as you please. The only form of CTA’s we do is that we encourage you to help us defend or attack structures (Usually in wormholes and it gets hairy.)
  • We understand that this isn’t real life. Take a break from the game and return whenever you want to.
  • We have been playing for a long time. We will answer your questions and concerns without judgement.
  • We will teach you scanning, bookmarking, using tools like Pathfinder and Siggy to navigate wormholes.
  • The corp provides PvE ships in most cases.
  • We will teach you about modules, ships, fittings, tactics, FC Training and character training paths.
  • Our corp is Nomadic. We live everywhere but favor wormholes.
  • NPSI Fleets are allowed and encouraged. (Public PvP fleets like Bombers Bar, Spectre etc)

Our requirements:

  • You must be able to use voice communications like Discord Even if your English isn’t good.
  • We can tell if you’re an alt spy. Please save us both the time and don’t bother.
  • No racism, sexism or rudeness towards corp members will be tolerated. We do like sarcasm.
  • No cheating/exploiting of any kind.
  • If you’re bipolar or an alcoholic, please remember we are not therapists or mind readers. We will give you some laughs and conversation but please keep orangutan behavior away from us. (Shouting/Threats/Intimidation)
  • Taking screenshots of our intel or leaking intel will get your name up in shiny lights. I will find out.
  • If you like stealing from friends, consider a different corp.

Our time zones: We have EU and US members equally split down the middle but we encourage anyone to join from across the world.

Primary ships we use: Confessor, Deacon, Guardian, Nestor, Kikimora, Leshak, Bombers, Marauders, Capitals and all other Triglavian ships.

Click here to talk to someone about joining or other questions.—> Discord Server

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