Dark 0rder looking for smaller PvP corps to merge with us


Dark 0rder is in search for smaller corps that would like to join us. Our community is friendly, helpful and enjoy PvP, PvE and most other things. We live in various wormholes so PvP is a daily thing.

We are also seeking mature players that are not egotistical or rude :slight_smile: . There are no CTAs that are compulsory but we expect form-ups for defense or attack fleets. We would also like to settle some scores so we need enthusiast of the game in general.

We are a liquid corp which means we keep the bare minimum in our holes to minimize risk and losses. We focus on profit and the socializing is a good distraction during this Covid Period.

Mail or Start a conversation with Jolene Tradoris in game for some Q&A or join the D.0 Recruitment channel in game. Fly safe o7

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