Dark 0rder. - C5 WH - Serious PvP for the Casual Player

Ahoy o/

Dark 0rder is opening up for recruitment for the first time in several months. I founded Dark 0rder in 2017 with a goal to create a community to provide content for all of our members whenever they have time to spend in New Eden. We believe that Real Life comes first and we mean it. We have zero mandatory ops and no activity requirements. Instead we focus on creating content that makes you Want to login instead of Forcing you to login. We are a well established corp with access to C5-5 High class wormhole. Subcap pilots make on average 300m per Hour in our WH farm fleets. We are looking for experienced mature players to join us.

We Offer:

  1. Content for all Timezones (US Main TZ with a strong EU/AU presence)
  2. Corp owned C5 Wormhole for PvE and PvP
  3. WH eviction Ops (Payouts for all members based on Participation)
  4. Active Discord chat and TS3 for in-game comms
  5. Siggy for WH mapping
  6. Corp SRP for WH
  7. Corp Owned Cap BPO Sets Open to all members

We Require:

  1. Discord
  2. 25+ mil SP (Flexible for enthusiastic recruits)
  3. Working Mic, Comms are Required.

Over the past year in our Wormhole fleets have paid out over 2.5 Trillion isk to our members. This is all tracked on a spreadsheet that is open to corp members so there is no confusion or corruption. Everyone knows how much they get paid for each op and when payouts go out.

We are extremely organized with Corp Owned / Supplied Logistics for PvP fleet ops. As well as Corp Jump Freighters for Null transport and Corp T1 Freighters for Hisec transport. For our Eviction Ops, several ships are required, But we have a full Corp Run Bowhead fleet that transports our alt ships to make everything easy.

For Info on Joining:

  • Join our In-Game Channel → D.O Recruitment
  • Join our Discord:

Join us and become more than an F1 monkey. Grow your Eve Skills and become a better Eve Player.

This Footage was captured from our Corp Ops:

zKill: Dark 0rder. | Corporation | zKillboard


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Hey Atreon, how flexible is the 30m SP requirement? I’ve got 21m at the moment.

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Hop into our recruitment pub or discord. We are flexible with our SP requirement depending on what ships you can fly currently and/or if your close that’s no problem. Especially if you love eve and are active. That is what we are looking for most.

Mainly we want you to be close to being able to participate in the fleet actions we do. For our WH fleets our minimum ship to participate is an Oracle. A day 1 toon can be in our minimum t1 fit oracle in under 2 weeks.

From there our wormhole ops on average payout 800m for 2-3 hours of Op running (1-2 hour prep time). And you can easily afford a injectors to get into our mainline ships.

Great, thanks for the info! Do you have many people in AUTZ?

Our main TZ is US then EU then AU. Although it is our weakest timezone our AU guys are still extremely active and they know how to do it right. My Co-CEO is in AUtz and we still hold regular activities for both our corp and our alliance for all our Aussies.

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This is one of our eviction ops where we dropped leshaks to remove this fortizar from space.

This is one of our PVE ops where we murdered this unsuspecting drifter with a few leshaks and oracles

Drifter being ganged up on again.

and here we are at a different site destroying another drifter

Last nights take. Praise Bob.



They really do mean it when they say they do a lot of content and they do help you learn how to play.

It starts out simpler, you get to join on raids to take out big NPC bosses:

A cool 300M per person:

They helped me learn how to fly capitals too. Here’s an authentic picture of me in my first Rorqual.

And that was me about a day later to the corp voicechat cries of “PULL DRONES, PULL DRONES!!!”

I literally got grabbed out of Jita on my first login in years by Atreon a year or so ago. I had only bummed around HiSec and I wanted to dive deeper but didn’t know how. I haven’t looked back. It’s been a lot more fun than I would have imagined. You should join us! Especially if you were like me and either daunted by the task of jumping into the deep end or just want some folks to roll with. You won’t regret it.


I joined these guys almost a year ago and it has been my most exciting time playing eve. The people are funny and don’t stress me out like nullsec corps.

Dank People dwell here

also the cop xo is crazy. he may or may not ask to shave your balls.

“Tisk tisk,” the Drifter sighs.
Look at all these battleships
their pretty beams and scrams and deeps.
What a risk, oh what a risk
they take when they engage my ship.
“For Jove I’ll make these bodies mine!”
The laughter drowns all other sounds,
“Screw you dude we need isk!”

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Successfully baited a naglfar in our static that we were farming:

We are still recruiting