Looking to join a corp


Interested in joining a small to medium corp with active members.
ideally with at least 30 + online per night.
I get to play most nights from around 7pm GMT
I have TS and Discord and working headset

wouldnt mind to dabble in some pvp and long walks in the park


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Hello Vedmakum! Welcome to the EVE forum!

I am Ram Askaari, CEO of Battle Kats. We’re a member of Hardly Competent alliance which is a part of the Kairos |Initiative coalition. As a group we’re still very young, but our members have conglomerated from all over EVE and a fair amount of us have been playing for a long time.

We’re pretty active, we’re always on comms and hanging out… overall a fun group of guys.

We use Discord and TS, which one we use depends on the size of the fleet.

We are PvP focused and our objective is to build a healthy community that’s ready for NullSec, right now we live in LowSec (and yes we have plenty of structures.) We’re not war eligible because magic and we’re only 8 jumps from a major trade hub. Our LowSec area hugs HighSec so it’s super easy to get here :slight_smile:

So give my advert below a read and get back to me (on Discord or in-game) on what you think, I’d enjoy talking to you about coming on board. See ya soon! -Ram

Battle Kats is an 18+ English speaking corporation.

We are recruiting from all walks at this time, but we are primarily seeking:

Fleet Commanders
PvP Pilots
Capital Pilots
Cool People

We currently operate out of LowSec!

SRP for Alliance sanctioned Ops
Discord and TeamSpeak3
All Pilots welcome, 10 Million SP Minimum (no alphas, sorry)
Active, experienced and Dedicated leadership
A focus on community building

Thanks for reading, fly dangerously!

To apply please visit: http://eve-hr.com/BattleKats

Discord: https://discord.gg/2BuP2wZ

In-Game Public Channel: Battle Kats Public

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[W.N.G.A]" Who needs graphics anyway" is a PVP oriented corp, located in 0.0(legacy) We are currently looking for new members. If you are PVP-minded, fairly experienced, but most of all relaxed, with a mature attitude and if you are looking for a great time, we are the corp for you!

We have the following to offer you:

  • Active veteran leadership
  • Full ship reimbursement program.
  • PVP rewards (ISK reward)
  • Doctrine ship replacement program
  • Frequent OPS
  • Baiting
  • Bashes
  • PVE (simply because you need ISK)

Mumble is required and communication is done in English. We do ask some commitment from your part as far as joining meetings and if possible fleet ops. But most importantly we are all just looking for a fun time together in EVE and helping each other when possible.

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Hi There o/

We’re a growing corp looking to grow our existing up a EU/USTZ, we are fortunate enough to have both small and large fleet operations within our alliance and lots of small gang activty - multiple daily form ups, lots of fun, lots of Salt.

RezCo - Corpse Collectors Wanted!- Null PvP

A little about us, REZCO is a Null PVP Corp as per our wonderful killboard, we take fights even if it’s not always the smartest move because we’re all about the content and having fun first and foremost. We’re a proud member of RAZOR Alliance one of the oldest alliances in EVE which is part of the FI.RE Coalition.

Some Video Clips

What do we have to offer? Content, Lots of it, and somewhat suicidal, coke induced FCs, if thats not enough of a selling factor, then how about the following:

  • Long Standing Alliance with History in Eve.
  • Trolls, memes, and good natured comms.
  • Real Life Friendly, we don’t expect the world from pilots.
  • Good Space for Mining/Ratting.
  • We have content everywhere you could hope for and we’re not in a blue donut.

If you’re interested come join our Discord

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Small to medium corp here. We have a Unicorn that would love to take you for a walk in the park. Come check out the family.
Recruitment Post

Hey there! You should definitely consider a corp within the Federation Uprising alliance. We are a Nullsec PVP focused alliance based in Immensea as part of Legacy Coalition.

Here’s our public recruitment Discord if you’re interested in learning more: FEDUP Public

o/ Vedmakum

I think you would be a perfect fit for Dark 0rder. We are an extremely active corp built for casual players. We have no game time requirements and no participation requirements. Instead we focus on providing daily content that whenever you login there is something goin on.

We have a strong nullsec presence but also own a C5 Wormhole that we run regular corp PvE Fleets into so with us you will have a more vast range of activities to partake on.

Check out more info here:

I hope to see you pop into our discord to say hello.


o7 o7

Fed up with large blobs, blue donuts/balls, and New Eden politics? Don’t wanna spend an hour forming for a mandatory CTA that turns out to be another structure timer? Looking for dank frags instead of dank ticks?

Mea Culpa. is a fairly EUTZ Nullsec corp formed by a few buddies who enjoy killmails and relaxed comms.which is a part of the new alliance trigger happy.

While our killboard looks usually pretty ok, we don’t really care about ISK efficiency or other metrics of eliteness. So if you want to roam your 4b Marauder, that’s more than fine. If you can and want to fly blops that’s also very welcome, especially if can contribute a hunter, too.

We recently started a Channel on Youtube, so you can check out dank image videos there.

What can we offer?

  1. Explosions.
  2. A group that you can call friends and that’s small enough to recognize people on comms by voice.
  3. More explosions.
  4. Citadels with clone bays.

What should you bring?

  1. A good and somewhat mature attitude. This is by far the most important. Eve is a game and should be
  2. A strong desire to blow up (player-owned and operated) stuff. This is not a PVE corp.
  3. A good level of skill points. No hard requirement, but we sometimes like to fly fancy stuff.
  4. A second account with useful toons (dread, scout, covert cyno) is not required but a big plus.

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