6m sp looking for low-sec corp

Hello there, im kinda a returning player. Always liked the concept off eve and now that i changed job i got more free time.

So im looking for a smaller corp, i wanna be part of a tight knit group rather be part of a blob, a grp of individuals who knows real life comes first.
A mature but still fun grp!

So what about me, im kinda inexperienced. Got 6m sp but only becuse ive been intrested in the game even tho i have not been able to play all that much i could still train my char (thx ccp for making a game for us who have been traveling to places with no internet).
I have not really pvp’d before but now im ready to get out there and create content for ya all !

//Cheers Ronin

Check your inbox

Hey Ronin! Congrats on your first official forum post!

My name is Ram Askaari and I am the CEO of a growing corporation known as Battle Kats. Our focus is on building a tight knit community of casual and not-so-casual gunheads.

I have extensive knowledge, personally, about the workings of EVE. Battle Kats is a member of the alliance known as Hardly Competent, within the alliance there are pilots of all kinds with varying degrees of knowledge in all subjects.

Hardly Competent is home to pilots from all major English speaking timezones, regardless of when you log in there will be someone to hang with and learn from. Battle Kats is presently focusing on building our EU Timezone presence so we can better support the alliance outside of our current high activity hours, so even if you have some things to learn still… you would be a valued member. We would be delighted to take the time and teach you both what you want to know and what you need to know.

If you want to talk to me personally and ask any questions you may have, or you simply want to know more… feel free to contact me directly on our corporate discord: https://discord.gg/2BuP2wZ

You will be receiving an in-game EVE Mail from me shortly after I have sent this reply, just to make sure we can talk as soon as is convenient for you.

Thank you for reading, fly dangerously!


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