Maxed Leshak with a scaning alt looking for a WH corp

In order to not waste your nor my time please read the info below and let me know if you think i would fit within your ranks.

I have never done WH in a proper way(last time it lasted like 1month or so) so this time i want to give WH-space a real chance to see if i like it or not.

This is an alt and my main is in a nullsec alliance atm. If i like what i see i dont have problems moving my other toons into corp.

Gazthenailer who is my leshak toon and could fly almost all ships out there until i decided to strip my toon of sp to buy a nyx:)

So atm my pvp skills on this toon are very limited until i have enough iskies to inject the toon back to its glorious state and be more useful in terms of pvp which is what i do best:)

That being said IF i move my main toon i will be able to fly all ships needed.

I of course dont mind providing APIs to all my toons.



Goon affiliated wh-corps please dont bother contacting me

still looking for options

you should check out a corp called Dark Order.

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