190 mil sp player looking for wh, piracy and alike

Hi mates

Played for a while in nullsec drama and blue donut, wwb 3, which doesn’t fit my playing time anymore or eagerness to play. I’ve given it a break for IRL and other games because of that. I want to play when i play and get off the game for periods of time without CTAs and stuff like that.

I would like a group of people who bash hisec/lowsec/wh citadels for pinatas, wardeccing krabbers , low sec piracy, gangs, JF killing, etc.

I also have a 50 mil alt which can fly thanny and faxes plus a number of ships (i can switch that skill queue on my alt as needed)

I also have a fairly fat wallet, so no holding hands for ships and stuff for a while.

PS: i am late EU TZ (UTC+2)

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I’m in the exact same shoes. I don’t have time for the endless nullsec warfleets and massive alliances.
I just came back from a several month long break and am starting a lowsec corp for some casual play.

Send me a message on discord and we can talk about it. I think you’ll be a great fit to build a corp worth joining.

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Hey I think we are right up your alley jump in RBONU Recruitment or https://discord.gg/rbongaming We are normally in either of them

HI there m8

if you want to do WH space i recommend to check our corp.

We offer both wh space and sov space where you mix both gamestyles.

Hey you should check out a c5 wormhole corp like mine. We have great guys and wormhole content is amazing right now. C5 MCAV is Recruiting all Skill levels

              come for a chat today
             FAYN Industries
              New alliance
     Wanting corporations & members
    PVE | PVP | Moon Mining | Missions 

Active | Supportive | Multi TZ | VoIP | Awesome

       Join today to be the difference

https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98641669/ wh gankers hisec pirates

came from INIT core corp, i will not go back as renter, thx

@Petty_Thief @Jefferson_Culpepper my corp is recruiting and we mainly do the citadel bashing thing as well as the low sec gang stuff heck we even caught a freighter yesterday. anyways if either of you are interested in joining pop into the discord and we’ll have a chat https://discord.gg/E9j7dFE

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