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Returning after a two year hiatus been playing off and on since 2004. I’ve done a little bit of everything. Not a big fan of pvp or mining but I’ve done it in the past. Ive always ratted and ran missions that’s what I love doing. Looking for a corp that can help me catch up on everything that’s changed in the last two years.
Edit* found a corp thank you for the replies.


Hello @Jaderpop! Welcome to the EVE forum :slight_smile:

I’m curious to know why you don’t enjoy PvP, you must not have ever had fun people to fly with :frowning:

I can understand though why you don’t like mining, I too find it to be monotonous and unworthy of my game time haha

My corporation is full of people from all walks, new and old players alike have come together to form a strong space family. We are very much up to speed on everything and can show you the ropes through all of the changes you’ve missed.

Please give my advert below a read, join our Discord and let me know what you think! I look forward to hearing from you.

BATTLE KATS IS RECRUITING! I’m no photographer, but I can picture us together :wink:

I am Ram Askaari, CEO of Battle Kats. My corporation is part of Hardly Competent alliance which is a member of the Kairos Initiative coalition.

Community Features:

  • Casual (No activity requirements)
  • IRL comes first (ALWAYS)
  • tight knit group of dudes that love playing with each other (ok, that one came out wrong that’s what she said ).
  • Experienced players willing to teach (from PvP to ISK making)

Battle Kats is an 18+ English speaking corporation.

We are recruiting from all walks at this time, but we are primarily seeking:

  • Fleet Commanders
  • PvP Pilots
  • Capital Pilots
  • Cool People

We currently operate out of LowSec!

  • SRP for Alliance Ops
  • Discord and TeamSpeak3
  • All Pilots welcome, 10 Million SP Minimum (No Alphas, SP requirement is flexible)
  • Active, experienced and Dedicated leadership
  • A focus on community building

Thanks for reading, fly dangerously!

To apply please visit:


In-Game Public Channel: Battle Kats Public

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o/ Jaderpop

You should check us out at Dark 0rder. We are a extremely relaxed corp built for casual players. Although we heavily encourage PvP we have no activity requirements and do not force anything upon our pilots.

We do have a strong presence in Nullsec where you’d be free to rat your heart away. As well as a corp owned C5 Wormhole that we run regular corp PvE Ops in. Subcap pilots make on average 300m per hour in our corp WH Fleets.

We get alot of returning players and are extremely proficient at getting our returning bros caught up in current game mechanics and we push eachother to become better eve pilots every day.

You can check out more info here:


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Message me in game and we get you to join in on some missions and help you get your head around the changes you’ve not seen before.

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I understand you are looking for a corp. We’re a Null Sec Corp that offers a place where you can learn, grow and become a valued part of our organization. We offer an infrastructure that supports what ever it is you enjoy doing in game. We’re happy to teach and are not assholes. All we ask is that you are willing to undergo a background check which takes 24 to 48 Hours.

The Zerva Corporation: A community of active players hell bent on having some fun and enjoyment as we seek to rule the universe. All that will be required of you is the respect of your Zervas brethren, a healthy, psychopathic, desire to blow stuff up and the willingness to enrage our enemies as we expand the influence of the Corporate Empire.

To the right Pilots we offer many things.

Zervas Aeronautics
✪ Active Leadership
✪ Sov Alliance
✪ Relaxed Atmosphere
✪ Escalation sites
✪ Havens/Sanctums
✪ Exclusive Systems
✪ Moon Mining
✪ Exp FCs
✪ PVP Training
✪ Solo Action!
✪ Small Gang Action!
✪ Large Gang Action!
✪ Null Sec/Low Sec Action!
✪ Free Fitted Ships
✪ Combat Pay!
✪ TS/Mumble/Jabber/Discord
PUB The Evil Genius Bar and Grill

Fly Safe o7

The Prophit

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